Friday, April 28, 2006

Got me thinking

I was discussing Y's bullying problem the other day with my co-worker - lets call her Susie. I was telling Susie how in grade 3 at a new school I had to be told what giving someone the finger meant... how swearing mortified me to the point of tears and how I cried in utter frustration when people took God's name in vain and I would yell at them - you can't DO that. Susie's response was (and I laughed) "oh God, you were so sweet", don't think she saw the irony...

Was I sheltered? Yes... Was I niave? Yes... Have I changed? Yes... Is that good or bad??? don't know...

E asked me the other day for some uncensored versions of 50 cent songs - I looked up the lyrics NOT ON YOUR LIFE. I had no idea how bad they were. I was so torn. How do I justify the secular music we listen to and then censor what she can listen to? I think I'm my own bad influence. I asked her if she thought she'd be more prone to swear listening to those types of lyrics - response "well, I think if it was going to corrupt me, it would have happened already" **sigh** at this point of 13 going on 30 I guess I have to let her make some of her own decisions and guide her when she'll let me and/or step in when necessary and make the decisions for her.

This was supposed to be a funny post about silly young me - like I said, got me thinking...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Turning the other cheek

That was me. As a kid, that's what I did. If I was bullied, I let it happen, for the most part, I walked away. Now as a mother, I find that the hardest advice to give my daughter. Don't get me wrong. Is still give it, and try and coach words that will help difuse and are diplomatic instead of the ol' eye for an eye - BUT IT IS HARD. My youngest was in tears telling me about a girl who has made a habit of bullying her - for the most part this happens on the bus ride to & from school. The ride for my daughter is less than 5 minutes each way, but these are the minutes that are defining her day. What is wrong with this kid - another 11 year old... up until the last 4 weeks or so the 9 girls in this small 4/5 split have been great friends, now, suddenly there are power struggles all over the place. Hormones I tell you. Today my daughter stood up to her and said "quit bullying me and pick on somone else" response was, "I'm not bullying, I'm talking" cheeky little thing - thwarting my daughters every attempt at an amiable solution. Not that she actually wanted her to pick on somone else, just that she should stop being a little bbbbb brat... Where does this bully get off telling my kid she doesn't deserve a seat because the ride is so short, or that she can't sit with her friends. I asked if I or the dadman should walk her to the bus and maybe get on for a ride NO WAY, of course that would make matters worse. I know that, but the urge is to get on and stare this little girl in the eye and talk (and or knock) some sense into her. Little girls can be so mean! I spoke to the principal under strict instructions not to reveal who the bully is - I didn't have to say anything, she already knew... there are other parents calling. So they will try and fix it with the guidance counsellor without my kids name being brought up - maybe a group meeting with just the girls addressing bullying in general. It better work, I WILL NOT allow my kid become a door mat or a target for this type of kid.

A part of me is thinking maybe Y will come home and say, well mom I lost it, I freaked on her, she's never going to bug me again. The other part says chill, this is all part of growing pains and we will work through it calmly and diplomatically.

I guess we'll see - what's that poem??? I want to be a bear...

I want to be a bear,
your legs are supposed to be hairy
you eat all summer
and sleep all winter
when your cubs act up you cuff them
when another cub mess's with your cub
you cuff them too
I want to be a bear

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Feeling better...

And yes, just maybe I overreacted - I went to my new chiro and he fixed me right up! My hips were out and pulling my knee the wrong way. I skated yesterday - it was good. PHEW!!! I'll try that treadmill thing tomorrow just to be on the safe side (instead of step aerobics)

How is it that as I grow older I obsess just a little more about everything. No, don't tell me - I am my mother, or maybe my father... I'm not sure...

As an aside - went with 26 kids and a couple of youth age kids to the swimming pool tonight. I didn't swim, mentally I just couldn't fathom helping 15 little girls get dressed afterwards and me too!! What fun they had. Not a care in the world as the other adults and I just stood around scanning the pool over and over to make sure all of our little people were still face up. We didn't even lose one. How great is that!

One of my friends daughters (in the group) gave me a card tonight. Made me smile all over. It said I was great. She is great. I had tears welling...

Going to camp this weekend for a jr. choir retreat with same 26 kids. Always fun. I have a date with a fooseball table once all the little dears are in bed!! Can't wait...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Feeling Torn...

It's earlyl. Should be getting ready for hte day, but I'm posting instead. Had a great weekend. Good Friday service was good, followed by family lunch on Friday, CBFD Friday night (abbreviated version) way to much fun!! Too bad we're all so responsible... said good bye just after 11pm I think.

Skated on Saturday for the first time this year. Thanks Jay, you got me going. I was so nervous I could have puked. It felt good and invigorating. Lots of sore muscles from the new activity... but no problem - the feel good kind of sore.

Sunday went to Easter service at church, nice... Hubby's sister came for the day and supper. It was great to have them. They live 7 hours away, always a joy to havce them here. Love seeing my niece and nephew (how tall can a 13 year old boy get anyway!!!)

Now the feeling torn part. I just cut my workout short. Something just below my knee is killing me. Is it a twinge? is it injured, is my hip out and pulling my knee in the wrong direction? I don't know. I stopped the step aerobics, tried walking on my TM, then ran... didn't work. Had to walk again. I'm going to go ice. I just can't fathom being hurt right now. I'm sure its just temporary. What's the difference between working through the pain and being stupid by keeping going? I can't not work out right now. I've made a lot of progress these last few months. I won't stop.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

not so mindless thoughts

The sun has been shining!!
I'd like some summer shoes,
maybe some funky spring clothes...

E&Y watched a hearbreaking show that fostered a lot of conversation (highschool shooting scenario). I could have not let them watch, but they always watch that show, so, I let them grow up a little instead. Hard on them and me.

Thunder woke us all up yesterday!! WOW Big boom. Y came for a hug from daddy...

Wondering just how much food we'll all eat this weekend... Easter is about more than eating turkey isn't it? Oh yeah... chocolate...

Would like to go skating this weekend, have a bit of a mental block - I think I'm scared of falling... got to go, got to go.

Hubby's sister is coming in this weekend. Should be a good time.

Work has been dead... good thing there are always emails to archive...

Have a social to go to on Thursday... what to wear!!!!!

Must have lost a few brain cells on the weekend... just don't have coherent thoughts...

Saturday, April 08, 2006


So, i'm excited i even remembered my password. Hubby is driving buddy b home. Him & old room ate were here for supper. Good steak... , now supertramp is playing, and i can't even think straight. come sail awayh, come and sail away with me lads... i miss old friends. cheers to teh new ones. Buddy b - don;'t worry - itss all good. I'll talk to you tomorrow... remember, its all good.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Me too!!!! Reallyl!!!

Last night between places I asked the kids if they'd like a treat. We were very close to a bakery I like and thought they'd like a cookie or whatever. As we pulled up Y says "cool thanks mom - DQ" Oh yeah, that's here too. Fine, I haven't had supper yet, but surely I can resist tempation in my face!! They both get a Blizzard and I get a grilled chicken burger no mayo... So we're walking out, them ice cream and me with my wrapped burger. Suddenly its like we're being swarmed people all around - what's this - a running clinic, oh yeah, we're beside that too! I look over at the girls, ice cream in hand, down at my burger and then glance up to see the fitness type people - in my head, its like, "but wait, you don't understand, I um, I mean, me too, I mean - well I run too, I don't just spend all my time at DQ". Sigh, they'll never know of course, but doesn't it make you want to say HEY! I'm not a couch potato - REALLY! And they'll pretend like they believe you...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Kids are fun. Just spent 2 hours with 6 girls between the ages of 6 & 8. We made paper airplanes, played floor hockey and sang camp songs. Who else lets you run around and act like a kid yourself with no discipline involved a group of really good girls. Enjoyed them immensely! Some kids make you want to tear your hair out. These ones just love you to hang with them. Cool thing is at the end of the night I get to say good bye and go back to mine who are just a little older and more mature. Back to reality. If reality is my two girls talking in the backseat about boys! I tried not to listen. They were bonding. Where did THAT come from?? The next few years will be interesting. I hope they can help each other out. It was a good night.

As an aside my older one spent the evening with the youth group going from our art gallery down the road to the meeting place in something of an urban plunge - she had a blast! It was a good night.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Years gone by

Time goes by, I was tagged by Jay- I too am link-illiterate...

20 Yearws ago-ish I...
1. my niece was born
2. thought life was friends not family
3. lost a family member for the first time (an uncle)

10 Years ago-ish I...
1. had 2 kids under 3
2. worked 3 part time jobs in the same building
3. was losing my mind

5 years ago I...
1. visited Disney World with the hubby & kids
2. started this job
3. had my first anaphylactic reaction

3 years ago I...
1. drove 2 days home from BC to welcome a nephew to the family
2. said good bye to another nephew and grandma
3. forgave an ancient wrong

1 year ago I
1. moved into my dream house
2. celebrated a teenager in our family
3. lost our cat of 16 years

So far this past year I
1. have worked for 2 companies, same location
2. lost 10 lbs
3. learned to cook an edible roast

Yesterday I
1. waited for a friend's tv to arrive at his house
2. made breakfast for supper
3. made biscuits for the first time

Today I...
1. ran outside
2. saw 2 of 3 little boys who make me smile
3. sat in the sun and drank wine

In the next year I will
1. lose another 10lbs
2. sell the family van
3. run in the dark

In the next minute I will tag...
1. Red
2. Just a Thought
3. Huma

Saturday, April 01, 2006

mistakes r me

One of those days! Good thing I'm not working today. just keep making mistakes. i.e. forgot to move the cats water when I vacuumed, now hardwood edge is raised, hopefully it will settle back down (did last time...). Made pancakes (love having breakfast for supper), from a package, how do you add too much water??? And I could go on...

Started a batch of biscuits before the pancakes, they're in the oven now. Keep your fingers crossed! I've never made biscuits before, so had to actually follow the recipe (probably a good thing today), except that I added raisins - I don't think that could make a difference... Love making new things. Y got a kick out of helping use daddy's coke glasses as the cookie cutter (well they are 3" round - just like the recipe called for). Watching the sun set, can't get that wrong. Its only 7pm and I think I'd like to go to bed...