Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I just went to tuck in my kids (yes they still like that). My necklace (solitaire diamond pendant) was swinging in Tabitha's face. I don't wear it that often. I'm kind of into silver lately. She stopped and looked at it - this is the convo:

Me - that's the first diamond daddy ever gave me
T - diamond?
Me - yeah, when we were dating
T - before you were married?
Me - yeah
T - diamonds for dating?
Me - yeah, our first Christmas
T - were you living together?
Me - no, we didn't live together till we got married
T - oh, that's so sweet
Me - I guess it is
T - that's so sweet, it really is
Me - I guess it is, I hadn't thought of it that way in a long time
T - Aw, he really loved you
Me - yeah
T - Aw, you should talk to him about it, that's so sweet, wow, he's such a nice guy.

Yeah, he's such a nice guy... :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Feel the pain

I did it. I finished a marathon (inline skating that is). 26.2 miles of pavement behind me and all I wanted to do was cry. I was so glad to cross the line. Hubby came to cheer me on the last km or so. I could barely slug up that hill. For me this year it was about crossing the line. I hadn't done a marathon since I crashed in Duluth 2 years ago. It was a mental thing. I really needed to do it for me. And... I got a PB (personal best) didn't quite expect that. 1 hour 47 minutes (and some seconds, don't know how many). Its so funny, I've listened to hubby, brothers and others discuss the finer details of racing. Sometimes you just zone out, but there is a huge need to tell, retell and hash it all out again. Keeps it real I guess Crucial moments for me were when I lost my pack (I just didn't have any more after the last hill); checking my watch at 1:36 and thinking WOW, that can't be, I'm almost done, and then thinking WOW, maybe I still have another lap LOL. But no, I was almost done. Then, I started to cramp up with only 3km or so to go - scary. Finally I crossed the line. DH beside me, family & friends at the line, Jay & Big L with perma grins just beyond - what a feeling...

This picture says it all for me (taken by Tabitha). The pain and was worth it, just to push across the line.

Friday, August 25, 2006

you learn something new everyday...

There I am standing at the kitchen sink stuffing as many freshly washed blueberries into my mouth as I can. As I chomp down on a particularly tastey one I remember the pies my Aunt Vi used to make. She made the BEST blueberry pies. Maybe it was because she lived on the side of a mountain (at least I thought it was a mountain) and we picked them ourselves, but wow were they good. As my mind wandered I remembered her cats. You see I wasn't always a cat person. I thought they were cute and all, but had no idea of their habits or characteristics. My cousin and I (and maybe my brother) spent a week at Aunt Vi's one summer - it was great. Anyway, she had these kittens. They were so cute. Came and went as they pleased. One day after lunch I was wondering around and saw one of the kittens playing in the sand. Digging like crazy. How cute is that? So I thought I should pick her up, bring her in and play... poor thing, didn't know what hit her. We're walking through the kitchen and suddenly she's scrambling to get down - she pooped right then and there. WHO KNEW I ask you??? How was I to know when they dig its for a reason!! Dogs just dig for fun - why would cats be any different. SIGH. I went to find Aunt Vi and tell her what that crazy cat did. She shook her head and asked if I cleaned it up? Ummmm - no? That was the one and only time I ever thought she was mad at me. I raced back to the house and cleaned it up toot sweet!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Work Ethic

I don't know about you, but I've got one. I like to think its fairly standard in the working world. You respect the people you work with/for. You treat people with respect and professional courtesy. You do the job you were hired to do. So why is it (no offense to anyone in this age bracket) that 20 & 21 year olds feel they can cop attitude? They've barely been working long enough to earn minimum wage, yet somehow they have the right to sigh, or roll the eyes or give you the comments that make you feel like the task your giving them is beneath them. BUT THEN, right when you think well, ok, lets up the anti and see if they can handle more responsibility your coworker catches them surfing the net without the smarts even enough to delete the history. Why is that? I'm not saying I don't surf once in a while, but when you're hired to work only 4 hours a day, you don't get breaks and there is lots of work to be done - you surf?????? And they complain that what they're doing "sure isn't brain surgery" well treat it like it is, because somebody's gotta do it - guess what - that someone is you!!

I've dealt with that element too many times. (and here I go) When I was their age, I wouldn't be caught dead complaining to people who were paying me to do a job. You do the job. Period. With a big ol' smile on your face, and when you're done, you ask for more. And lets not forget to pick up the pace. If you ask me you should be able to have someone do a lap around the office before you hire them, if they are a slow walker - don't hire. Slow walkers invariably turn out to be slow at EVERYTHING.

Lets see what else can we put in the job description

Scramble when I walk up (like I caught you doing something, even if I didn't)
Everytime I walk by you - look up expectantly, I might need something (but not so pointed that I feel I HAVE to speak to you)
When I ignore you, don't be offended, I'm not here to be your friend (and really, just maybe the boss has something else on their mind besides your feelings)
When asked to do something you haven't done before - don't look stupid - say you don't know how - BUT YOU'LL FIND OUT
Never say "I don't know" I would prefer to hear "I'll get back to you"
If you make a mistake - fess up, don't hide it
Meet my expectations, if you can't meet them, manage them

Oh, I could go on and on. Fortunately for me the temp I'm all up in arms about is just that - a temp. Last day next Thursday. Was she worth the trouble?? Hard to say. The other fortunate thing for me was I actually didn't have to work directly with her. This little tirade was pulled together from many past experiences - all rolled into one.

One more thing. You get the good jobs by working your way up. Don't expect the great jobs right off the bat. We all have to put our time in. And be careful, cause just when you think you made it to the top, things change. You might be doing your dream job one moment, and the next your filing your own stuff again and learning how to fed ex. Get over it. You have a job.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

AHH Summer

I just haven't felt much like spending time on the computer. The pull to be outside is so strong, and even though I could take this with me - well, I'd just prefer to be outside.

Can you say PMS? Mood swings so great you could hinge a door on them - yikes! Oh so much fun was had on Friday with Jay & family who were back from holidays only to be replaced by utter dismay when they drove away - sigh, cry me a river.

Yesterday was great till I got a call from E (who from now on we will call Tabitha - long story, but I'm tired of calling her a letter). Our water alarm had gone off and who knows if we can get a water delivery late on a Saturday - sigh. So she left a msg for the water dude and I came back from BHP skating (was a good skate though). As an aside - call me crazy, but next week I'll skate 42kms, just to say I can... CRAZY. More on that another day. So fine - get home and had lunch, then have to help Tabitha get the ride on lawn more out from its parking spot in the trees. Not only turn it on - oh no, Hubby says I have to check the oil, give it gas and get it out from its spot - well thank goodness Tabitha is so patient, I finally PUSHED the lawnmower out of its spot (hubby can fix that rut later), and that tree looks better with less bark. Well all of this gave me a headache and pushed my mood WAY down. Next time hubby wants the lawn cut he better have the mower ready and waiting, washed, gassed and good to go. Fortunately, just in the nick of time to pick me back up - the water dude came. Great - now I can do laundry etc. to my hearts content. Amazing what makes me happy.

This morning woke up grumpy like crazy - guess what made me feel better today?? A walk with Sabrina (formerly known as Y). Went for an hour walk, talking nonsense, holding hands and just generally being together. Most important thing she told me was that she realizes that some of what's on TV is "Bogus", "really?" I said - "oh yes". Apparently there was a news article detailing how TV actually makes kids happier then their mothers do. She decided that can't be true, that while she definitely likes her shows, the TV can't hug her, love her or make her food. And I actually pay for the TV and programming that she so enjoys. She likes the fact that I don't take commercial breaks and she never has to worry about my signal going down in a storm.

So - I am happy. For now...

Monday, August 07, 2006


Ok, anyone who has read the oh so adventerous stories of James & Claire Fraser (the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon) know that he is referred with the outmost of respect as "Himself". It is a term of respect, or uttered simply out of gratitude that he's arrived at someones humble abode.

So yesterday we're driving down the main drag and I see a vehicle with the licence plate "Himself" on the back of a big manly truck. I think - wow you think so?? When we pulled up I was just a little dismayed to see the guy driving. I won't describe him, but suffice it to say he was not the image that I have come to associate with James Fraser in my mind (or perhaps my dreams...)!!

I guess he could be the "Himself" to someone, but for me it was a little dissapointing...

Book #6 comes out in paper back on August 29th... I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

back in town

Well we are home. Got home Monday and I must say I am glad to be back. HAD A GREAT TIME where we were, but it is always nice to sleep at home. We did so many things I don't even know where to start. I will say this though, our CBFD (see my very first post for definition) was THE BEST. The kids were a blast, the boat was going non stop! Y got up on skis for the first time and E chose not too!! She did however get up on the knee board which made her dad happy... :) I myself chose to stay off of skis and preferred to spot and or stay in the boat. Happy hour everyday was also much fun! I have a new appreciation for all things cranberry... also have a new apprecation for hte stain removal capabilities of hubby's sister. I learnt something new and now too am an expert at berry stains on white shirts!! YEAH!! Loved the lazy day approach to life at the lake. Very content in everything we did. The country side was most conducive to long walks with my friend and hikes up the "mountain".

I will have to figure out how to attach a picture to my posts. I'm sure its not hard. Just haven't figured it out yet. Downloaded 148 photos to the computer. Going to take me a while to upload them to print to Costco I guess!! Actually ran out of memory on the card. Hadn't done that before!! Need a bigger card I guess. Digital is way too convenient. Instant gratification - gotta like it. OK - obviously I did it... I was right - not too hard. This is looking back towards the cabin from the "mountain" The light is not the best, but you get the idea - NICE!

Time with Hubby's sister was great too. The kids got along and it was great to see them all together. Spent an interesting morning with our brother in law who is an arms instructor. Who knew I would ever shoot a hand gun in my life. It gave me conflicting feelings. Have to examine that another day. Meanwhile hubby shot a vast array of weapons in the safe confines of the depot shooting gallery. Brother in law is a fine teacher and safety came first at all times. What an interesting life. Nephew apparently wants to follow in dad's footsteps - when asked him why he said the guns... and the driving... I asked what about helping your fellow man etc. "oh yeah, that too" he's 13... time will tell.

Laundry beckons... I wonder if I'll answer