Saturday, February 19, 2011

that should about do it

I think I will work backwards and see if I can remember everything. I might have to come at it from both ends and see if they meet in the middle. I've been mentally keeping track of the number of accidents I've had over the years. I'm coming up short though - in my brain, the count was 13. My list here is 10 - anyone remember something I'm forgetting? Maybe I was counting the stupid ones too - there were 3 SVA (single vehicle accidents) WHATEVER. They include backing into the garage door that didn't open all the way, rubbing against the interior wall of a circular descent in a parking garage with my extended van. and pulling up to close to a snow bank in -35 weather and cracking the bumper. I wouldn't really call those accidents, more like misjudgements, but of course MPI is always the stickler. Well if I was counting those I guess I've got them all. Impressive wouldn't you say? After Tuesday's I was ready to call it quits. No more driving for me. I'm just sick of myself. I guess that's not completely realistic. I'd have to stay home and become a crazy cat lady. Whatever. I'm going to fight this latest one. You can't tell me that she was driving for the conditions - you know, clear, sunny - GREEN LIGHT and all. We'll see. I see MPI on Feb 25.

Fall, 1986 (VW Jetta) - and so it begins.
Pembina Highway turning into a Strip Mall - in dad's car I turn left against 2 lanes of stopped traffic and get hit by the guy in the third lane (my fault).

Spring, 1987 (Dodge Colt)
Fort Richmond area - I am a passenger in a car that is passing another vehicle as it turns left into us.

1989/90 sometime (VW Golf)
Portage @ Holiday Inn West - I am in curb lane as BFI truck tries to take my lane by turning in front of me - I go up over the curb to avoid getting SMUSHED.

Fall, 1992 (Ford Mustang)
Portage @ Westwood Safeway - I am passenger in a car (while pregnant with Mandy) that gets nailed on my side by a guy coming out of the parking lot (can you say crazy pregnant lady drama?).

Winter 1996 (Dodge Caravan)
South bound merge lane heading onto route 90 from Portage Ave - I rear end a guy who "went" and then "stopped" while I was shoulder checking and moving. *sigh*. Wow he yelled a lot.

February 18, 2000 (the big one) (Dodge Caravan)
Route 90 South bound @ Sargent - I am going through the green light and hit an 18year old girl (2weeks with her license who couldn't tell if it was red or green decided to go anyway) in a van T-boning her van, spinning around and hitting her again with the back of my van, propelling her into the CDC building. (they all hurt, but this one HURT - mind, body, and soul)

January 2003 (Dodge Caravan)
Portage @ Country Club blvd - I get rear ended by a young man changing lanes into me (noting that if he hadn't hit me, his path would have been the little old lady crossing the street)

October, 2009 (Dodge Caliber)
Grant @ Lanark - a young man in a truck leaves the stop sign without looking and hits me. Wow - what a panic attack. I guess because I could see it coming. I was a complete FREAK. Don't even know how I drove home.

November 12, 2010 (Dodge Caliber)
Roblin @ Empire - I hit a deer that didn't stop for anything. Very emotional. Don't like to kill things.

February 15, 2011 (Dodge Caliber)
Grant @ William R. Clement - FENDER BENDER ONLY - I slid into a young lady who stopped for a green light. (SERIOUSLY?). She didn't want a red light ticket, but rather my car on her tail!! She actually said she breaked before the light even turned yellow.

I'm just not sure I'm remembering them all. Seriously - anyone remember something I'm not???? I really don't think I was counting the misjudgements. do you think I've got serious OCD going on here at any rate if I feel I need to count!?! Maybe MPI can give me a print out.


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This is funny and sad, all at the same time. Yes, you do have to count the fender/benders.
Oh dear. This is a conversation meant to be had AFTER we have consumed a bottle of wine. :)

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