Saturday, February 24, 2007

I've learnt something

I've learnt that I'm a morning person. I always thought exercising in the morning was for birds. Then as I learnt eating something I'm allergic to and then running could kill me, well, getting it over with first thing, before I have a chance to eat isn't so bad.

At work, I'm much more productive in the morning then the afternoon. By 3pm I've just about had it. Mind you at 5pm I seem to get a renewed burst of energy as I leave!!

Last night I asked dh what his plan was for today. He said get out by 9:30 and go do shopping. Hmmm... that means my Saturday cleaning might get put on hold - I would far rather clean first and then go out in the afternoon, isn't that the way its supposed to be? That's the way my mother taught me... As my brain ages I find I'm more obsessive. I LIKE to get the cleaning done and out of hte way, just like the morning run. So, what to do. I woke up at 7:15, I did the bulk of stuff before he even got out of bed at 8:30. Good thing, we didn't get back till after 4pm.

So, why is this important?? I learnt that by modifying my routine at least a little bit I got to spend the whole day with dh, not fretting. Tabitha slept till at least 11am, Sabrina had a friend over and played to her hearts content and we did our thing.

Gave up my morning run and extra sleep - but it made a for a great day. What did hubby give up? Hmmm... nothing.... LOL Now I will finish the vacuuming and he will take Sabrina cross country skiing.

We had a good day. oh my, dh just suggested I could vacuum while he is gone. HE MAKES ME LAUGH.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BNL and 10/10/10

B - Bare
N - Naked
L - Ladies

OH MY WORD - I was given free tickets to their concert last night! How fun was that.

I must tell you - I'm not a concert goer. Although when I stop to count them up, I guess I've been to quite a few. I get nervous of the crowd, where I'll park, will we be ok going back to the car... all kinds of dumb stuff. Kind of wanted dh to take Tabitha...

But, instead, Tabitha and I went (dh had to catch up on some tv or something like that) - she loved it!!! Considering she's been getting into gangster rap lately this was a refreshing change of pace! I knew way more songs then I thought I would and they were absolutely hilarious. Really joked around a lot with the audience. I would definitely see them again. Nothing like 5 guys harmonizing with accoustic guitars, a mandolin, a base chelo ( I know I can't spell) and an accordian. WOW. Tabitha wanted a t-shirt really bad. At first I said no... trying to save for other things, blah, blah, blah. Then I thought about the 10/10/10 rule How would this decision affect me in 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years. Well I'll tell you, if I'd kept to my no, it would have been in 10 minutes am I really still thinking about this? In 10 months, I would have forgotten completely and in 10 years I wouldn't remember who BNL was... as it turned out I said yes - in 10 minutes Tabitha was still talking about it, in 10 months the shirt will be well worn, and in 10 years I can tell her to finally give it to the thrift store.

10/10/10 - I learnt that from an article in a magazine. Must remember not to overuse the rule, save it for special circumstances. I like it...

Monday, February 05, 2007

A view from the Pew

Tabitha was at the little MB fellowship church near my mom & dad’s last weekend as Sabrina and the Jr. Choir were singing there. Her view – I like that church mom, pretty laid back the sermon wasn’t too long and the prayers were nice and short. I didn’t agree with everything the preacher said but I liked it anyway…

SS yesterday – Little L plays play dough while the adults learn stuff – he pretends to give me a bite of his cookie, I pretend to eat it. He looks at me and says “good??” Too funny. Like the little mother she is – Sabrina comes to collect Little L (& Big L) as soon as her class is done. She’s quite handy to have around.

Sitting with my nephew Big L yesterday during the service was a riot. We’re colouring and every time I thought my picture was coming along nicely he noticed that I neglected to add the green and quickly rectified the situation. Think I’ll buy my own colouring book… Pastor Ed was going on about illegal immigrants and how we should love the aliens – Big L pipes up immediately “LOVE THE ALIENS??? – Mom, did he say Love the Aliens??” ROTFLMAO.

Of course Jay sent Big L out to find pastor Ed as soon as the service was over – to tell him what he learnt today – “love the aliens…”