Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vegas Baby...

What fun!

What a hoot! I've never seen so many people in all my life. You move a long like cattle down the sidewalk, or if you can catch the "Deuce" bus (that sometimes takes longer than walking but has air conditioning), you can sit in relative comfort and listen to all the tourists discuss their plans to get drunk, rich, or find their soulmate... NOT. oh, and did I mention that almost every single one of these people has a drink in hand? You can go place to place, in and out of every single establishment with alcohol, or whatever your poison of choice might be. Sounds like a great idea till you pay $17 for two 10oz margarita's LOL. DH and I kept it pretty low key, more often having a poweraid & water to fend off dehydration! 35-37 celcius everyday... Plus I do believe I have the distinction of going to the bathroom in almost every casino on the strip. Best - The Wynn. Worst - Circus Circus (yuk).

Our hotel was great. Pool, restaurants, casino, Cirque du Soleil all of it amazing. We went to "Mystere" (Cirque show) and the Blue Man Group. Very entertaining!!! I've also never walked so much in my life. Hours and hours. Good thing too. I think I probably only eat more food at Christmas time!! By the time you've got from one meal to the next you've done so much your ravenous... though we did manage to sustain ourselves on the more than $18 ($9/lb) of M&M's we kept in the room from the 4storey M&M store!! 28 colours, who wouldn't love that!?!

I can't even say what my favorite part was. Just being away I think. Sitting by the pool was great... dh loved the Coke store, the shows were awesome!! Oh - and I got hit on! At the pool, by a guy this time... I sent him away of course, but what fun LOL.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

First time in 6 years

Well for the first time in 6 years of working at the same place, I am off work for more than 1/2 a day. Almost 2 in fact.

I have never had this much time at home, accomplished so little, yet been so tired. What's a wrong? A bladder infection. Started Tuesday night around 10:30 pm. I can't speak, I haven't had this in probably 25 years. The pain I was in is mostly gone, but now the effects of the antibiotics are keeping me at home. Who knew these things could strike so fast and be so intense. not me... I had a kidney infection when I was 18, not something I'd like to repeat. Last night dh was busy, but I really needed to get the kids to their stuff at church, while I was thinking about the wisdom of taking them myself - time passed and it became a mute point - I had to take them. In walks "hero of the day" my brother was at church working on the sound system. He insisted I get my butt home and brought the girls home later. NICE. Is it the meds affecting my decision making process - you would think so. I went to work this morning, several people told me to go home, but not till my good friend Jay said - get your butt out the door, did I go...

One other thing about the meds. I specifically asked the dr. at the urgent care centre if I could do a 10km running (in my case jog) race this weekend that I signed up for. He said sure, trust my body, it would let me know, but go ahead. Well the meds I'm on are making me so nauseous and ditzy - I read the product info again and apparently I'm not supposed to exercise while taking them. SOOOOOO, I likely won't run it. I find that very disapointing, but the alternative of getting sicker, not appealing either. I'm pretty sure it will be a spectator sport this year if I go at all.

We've have made our plans to go to Vegas next week - not going to wreck that for a run!!