Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Monday morning I had a GREAT visit with my allergist. A good visit would be foods coming back negative. I.E. not having to add any more lines to the business card I pass out when I'm at restaurants stating all known food allergens. Some days I think I should just order a nice glass of water and some plain romaine lettuce to chew on while I wait for a peanut/tree nut free, mostly fruit free desert to eat. Ok, so it's not that bad, but sometimes my emotions get the better of me and I start to throw the pity party. Well today I got one better. I CAN ADD GRAPES BACK TO MY DIET!!! To some that might not seem the most exciting thing in the world, but when I've taken out a good 25 or 30 foods from the line up, adding one back is the biggest gift!! I tested positive for an allergy to grapes about 3 years ago. But I could still eat raisins and drink wine. thank goodness!! 3 years ago I wasn't quite as up on all the allergy stuff as I am now. I didn't quite "get" cross contamination. I think I bought a fruit bowl (all fresh) from the local deli and had the nurse skin test me for all those fruits, who knew cross contamination was so easy to achieve!! Today I brought plain, washed grapes with me. ALL CLEAR - that and Diana BBQ sauce - good to go.

I am so happy. Now if we could only add peanut butter back to the line up. Ummmmmm, peanut butter. Though to tell you the truth, after all these years of being afraid of it, I don't think I could eat it again. I am thoroughly and completely brainwashed. Even the smell of it (which does not cause an allergic reaction for me) - actually scares me. I like call it a "mental aversion to a sensory perception, leading to a physical reaction" - said physical reaction being to get as far away from the smell as possible!!

Cheers to small victories in life. Let us eat grapes and drink wine!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A lovely bike ride

So last night DH and I went for a bike ride. I normally don't exercise after supper, cause, well, I'm terrified of this little thing called "food associated exercise induced anaphylaxis" to which I am prone. Yes, there it is. If I'm going to exercise in the evening I ensure that I eat WELL before my allotted exercise time. But, DH was going to go for a run, he says why don't you come on your bike? Then friend Paul phones crying - help, help my lawnmower is broken. DH to the rescue. He figures he can run to Paul's, its only about 11km then I can come get him in the car after a bit. I thought PERFECT I'll read my book with nobody home!! Not so. DH then decides I could still ride my bike with him and he'll get Paul to drive him home (by this time I'm thinking - ok, not so bad, I don't have to get my heart rate up if DH is just running), AND THEN, the light bulb goes on and DH decides we'll both ride. Ok, so the panic fills me, but I get my gear on, mentally working out how long its been since I ate, did I eat anything remotely bad for me, should I take a Benadryl just to be on the safe side (but no, for on Monday I'm going for some more allergy tests, must be anti-histamine free for 5 days). So I strap on my epi-pen and away we go.

Obviously I made it there AND back. Not for lack of trying to induce the reaction just by STRESS!! It was quite nice to do something energetic in the evening without messing with my supper hour.

2 interesting things happened on our way to Paul's: 1 - I nearly flipped (no not me) at dh - a kill-deer (bird) was on our little trail and dh is racing up behind it expecting it to fly away, the poor thing was a baby!! It was running for all it was worth and then bailed into the tall grass IT COULDN'T FLY YET!!! 2 - we came up a street in Charleswood that I didn't even recognize but it happened to be the street where an Sr. couple from our church lived. Not just any ol' seniors but the parents of the girl who was our Maid of Honour and my best friend for a long time (hmmm. we don't speak anymore, post for another day.). So I let dh go on ahead and I visited for a bit. What a hoot. Mr. & Mrs. Klassen were thrilled to have me, cut a rose from their garden for my helmet and promised me a jar of pickled watermelon as soon as its cured. Haven't had that since long before Oma got Alzheimer's. Ummm. can't wait!

Just for those who care - Paul's lawnmower is most assuredly broken. Good thing dh was able to confirm! LOL

The interesting thing on the way back was DH looks behind him (where I am following oh so closely) and says "are you drafting me????" I do believe he was surprised (and undoubtedly impressed) - I don't watch Tour de France just for the spandex!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

8:54 pm sunday night

Kidless again... Sam I am is baby sitting for my brother and sister-in-law this week and Mandy is, of course, at camp. DH is outside working on the scooter?? no, wait, I think its the ATV, always has to tinker!! No problem, I could sit here and entertain myself or I could go read my book... ummmmm, uninterrupted BOOK TIME... One of my favorite things!!! Ok, everybody just stay status quo and I might just get a few chapters in. SHHHHHHH

Sunday, July 06, 2008

the last few days...

Things that make you pause...

Friday morning - get a call from JoJo where Mandy was babysitting, Mandy isn't doing so good - sick. It seems a little urgent so I whip over there. Anticipatory disorder in full swing, but contained in the dark spaces of my brain... It seems she was having some "female issues" nuff said about that. However, she very nearly passed out from pain. SO glad JoJo was there to guide her through it. As I waited for her to be well enough (drugs are great) to go home she snuggled with me, the kind of snuggling that makes you wish you were big enough to carry your 15 year old to her room and tuck her in bed. I honestly think the last time she needed me that badly (enough to show it) was at least 3 years ago. Wow... tonight - when I dropped her off at camp for counsellor training - the exact opposite, I said be good, have fun and she was gone. No looking back...

Yesterday I drove Samantha and cousin Chantal to Virden to meet dh's sister - the 2 girls are spending the week together. Sister lives in Regina... when they pull up - who is driving? Travis - dh's nephew - another WOW (that particular wow has Mandy cursing Manitoba driving rules, being SK teens can get their learners at 15!). The interesting thing about this drive was that Grandma T offered up Grandpa T to go with us - since I would be driving home alone, she thought it was a great idea. I must admit I was a little leery. Grandpa T does not hear that well at the best of times and one of his hearing aides is in the shop. But, no matter. If he is up for the ride, I am glad to have him. I won't say it was non-stop fun, but it was a very nice ride to and from. The man is almost 94 years old, still gets a kick out of a good joke and had me laughing a few times. He was a little stiff when we pulled into Virden, but what a trooper. Cup of coffee and a bowl of soup at Subway had him ready and raring to go for the trip home. He gets a little tired of the Seniors complex he and Grandma live at so this was right up his alley. I lost track of how many trains we saw, but I bet he could tell you. His memory is an open book and as he shared little tid-bits from his past I found myself appreciating him more than ever. What a kind, generous soul. At 94 he thought he would be one of the old ones in the home. Not so, just the other day he said they had a party for one lady who was turning 102. He figured for sure she was in her 80's...

So now DH and I are on our own for the week. Good thing I still have dishes to do and dh is working on the deck... what else could keep us busy??? There's always grass to cut LOL.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Getting things done

There is always a certain satisfaction in getting things done. Somethings, repetitive things are a pain, but still, getting them done feels good. There are certain things I do everyday without thought - brush my teeth, put in contacts, put on makeup and do my hair. Then there are the things that stress me out - what to wear, what to make for supper, are the dishes done, did the kids feed the cats, clean the litter, brush THEIR (i mean the kids) teeth.

Since we've moved to our little house on the prairie and dh has begun his obsession with the lawn (among other things - we'll have to leave the great mighty deer hunter stories for another day) I've drastically altered my feelings about getting things to grow and really take quite a lot of pleasure in helping dh (shh, don't tell him) keep the yard just so. So I guess its become my obsession too... he likes a manicured lawn (lots of it). This takes time. DH has a fabulous relationship with his John Deere lawn tractor and I'm getting quite good with the push mower in the trees. I've just spent another wonderful Thursday night (seems that's when we have time) cutting grass for almost 2 hours. The best part about it is my wonderful lawn cutting attire. You'd think with the heat I could wear as little as possible - NOT SO. Where do I live!!! Mosquito Land!!!! Oh my WORD! The little buggers just about carry you off.

So this is my new favorite jacket. A must have for the season (literally!)

The good thing about the lawn is once a week about does it. I can look back with satisfaction for at least 6 or 7 days before SOMEBODY says... its time...