Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh my Highway!

1. Rescuing Mandy from the side of the road just outside the perimeter last night after she got off work. So glad she called us. Visibility ZERO, stress - MAXIMUM, panic attack? JUST ABOUT.

2. Coming home from my running club at noon today - stuck in a long line up of semi's as they waited for the highway to re-open - I just wanted to get home so i could eat (and oh ya - PEE). Thank goodness some SUV's decided to make a "new" path to the turn lane.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

sorry mom, my phone was on vibrate

I am going to drive myself crazy! I try so hard to let Mandy be independent. I think I do a pretty good job. She is very good at communicating and always tells me whats up. I text her, she answers, etc. Today at 10pm I txted her good night. I knew where she was going after work and didn't worry too much when she didn't answer. Well at 1am when she didn't answer my text, didn't answer two phone calls I started to get a little antsy. So I tried her BF - that didn't work either. I was just getting ready to start trying other friends when she finally phoned (now a half hour later). She felt horrible and is perfectly safe. I try so very hard not to let anticipatory disorder set in. Its so hard. I will try and go back to sleep now. She will be home soon. UGH - I am so sick of myself.

I told her I wasn't mad - I just needed to check in. Heaven help me when she moves out someday.