Friday, August 14, 2009


I grew up thanking God for my food at every meal. It was automatic. Nobody dared to lift a finger till all were seated and dad (usually) began grace. After the meal was over it was entirely forbidden for someone to leave the table without thanking the cook usually mom, sometimes Oma. It wasn’t hard, or annoying, it just was. If we went to a restaurant we always said grace first. All at the table would bow their heads and give thanks quietly to themselves. I know, because I opened my eyes and look around to make sure…

When I went on high school choir tours we would inevitably end up in a restaurant where we would all, in magnificent 6 or 8 part harmony, sing a rousing Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow. After their initial shock the other patrons were usually very appreciative. At least I don’t recall being kicked out of anywhere.

My friend Randy recently broke his neck. This particular friendship circle religious reference’s usually come in the form of “OMG its windy again” or something of the sort. Suddenly a prayer request was being transmitted in earnest via update emails and the like. There was a lot of praying going on. God answered our collective voice – Randy will recover quite nicely and is darn lucky to do so. A few weeks after the incident I went for lunch with Randy & Lorraine, we met at Costco and I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I bowed my head and thanked God for my meal and the people I was with. Of course I was following their lead…

I’m grateful for the food at my table. But the only time I pray at a meal is when we actually SIT at the table. Our meal times have evolved into relaxed, feet up, watching the news kind of suppers, breakfasts are scattered times with all doing as they please. Around certain friends tables (if that’s where we sit) a prayer will be said. But if its not at the table, its not mentioned.

When my kids were little, I automatically taught them to pray at the table. When we have family gatherings, again… automatic.

Did I do what I could? Is my work here done? Is this a sign of the times?

Sometimes we fall on prayer like a kid off a bike. Desperate and hurting, turning to our higher power for strength and help. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe I could try a little harder.

I have been dealing with a SI joint issue all week. The joint problem is overloading my hip muscles and I’m having all kinds of pain especially when running. The chiropractor wants me to take it easy. Its getting better, but yesterday he asked me if I would please just not do anything for a few days to put it out again. I said if it rained I wouldn’t skate on Saturday, it doesn’t hurt when I skate. Last night I prayed that it would just get better (fast). This morning I woke up barely able to move, I’d put a rib out in the night (what the!?!). He put it back in, the muscles keep spasming.... SIGH. Well I probably can’t skate. I guess the hip will get better now, apparently I’m going to get some rest. Careful what you ask for…