Sunday, January 28, 2007

remember that girl?

Ok, remember the girl that was hitting on me at a social in November!! She was at a wedding shower last week that I went to. SO funny, I didn't really recognize her - she was sober afterall, then suddenly she turned to me and told me what beautiful eyes I have...

Ok, so yesterday was the wedding that brought us all together. I'm wearing my little black dress and feeling pretty good... all of a sudden there she is! Hi I say, Hi, she says - touches my arm and tells me how great I look! What is that all about? I don't even know this girl!! It cracks me up. Dh just laughs and holds me closer. Too funny.

The wedding was great. I had lots of fun. Danced a little, had fun with old co-workers and just generally had a good ol' silly time. Yup, I could do that more often.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Call me crazy

I've got 8 girls here for Sabrina's birthday party. Right now they're outside with dh, Tabitha and two of her friends... I think I'm going to need lots of hot chocolate!! 6 of them are staying for night... yes, I am crazy!! We have a wedding tomorrow. I think Old Lady T will come out to knock them all on the head by 1am!! Apparently at the sleepover they were at last week they finally crashed at 3:30. Don't get me wrong, they are a great group of girls- but its the high pitched squeal some of them emit when communicating!!

Off to make hot chocolate. Don't forget the marshmallows.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Its been a while

I was going to give you some sorry excuse about being busy – blah, blah, blah.

On to updates:

Tabitha broke up with her boyfriend. It was tough on her, she had to wait till he was on MSN @@ (is that the rolling eyes symbol??). Whatever, apparently it wasn’t too awkward at school… I was most disgusted by this method of communicating, but I’ve been told this is their way. I’m getting old… I MUST STAY OUT OF IT.

We went out with BTB and his new lady friend on Saturday. How much fun was that!! She is great and we enjoyed spending the time together.

As you may know I have a stress fracture in my foot from the end of summer. Well I’ve been wearing black runners with everything I own for going on 4 months now. Guess what I bought!! Schecher runners with a strap and sequence all round! They are so cute and I actually wore them with a skirt and tights yesterday (oh and a shirt). Haven’t worn a skirt in months! Some women in the elevator were eyeing them up. I wonder if they thought I looked like a geek, or if they wished they were wearing them. Oh the questions that keep me up at night… The other day I bought a shirt on sale at Ricki’s I asked my coworker if it was still in style – she said oh it is great – its your style. I laughed – is that good or bad??? Same with the shoes, might not be everyone’s style, but they are mine!! LOL

I’m so excited. We’re planning a trip to Vegas. My boss gave us a wonderful gift of using some of his Aeroplan points for a weekend away. Just have to figure out when, who’s going to watch the girls and what I might possibly wear in Vegas (given my limited shoe options). The girls seem to think they don’t need anyone to watch them. Whatever, the cats don’t exactly make a good babysitter.