Thursday, June 14, 2012

I’ve been pretty obsessed lately. NO, really!! This marathon thing takes up most of the usable space in my brain. (no it’s not a blonde thing) In no particular order: I’m thinking about my goal pace – a lot! Should I try and run with my training partner? What if I hold her back, what if she holds me back? I’m thinking about the weather, I’m wondering if I’ll have to use the porta potties, I wonder if I’m going to make it at all. Then I go back and beat myself up over every single issue. I’ve trained hard and long for this race. Of course I’m going to finish. I can’t control the weather so I have to get over it. Goal pace is one part training, one part mental, then at least two parts emotional. Don’t get me started on what happens on when my head and heart argue though!! Porta-Potties – it is what it is can’t control that either. Of course I’ll make it, why wouldn’t I. Yes I’ll run with my training partner. We know each other well enough by now to say – I’m done, you go ahead – or DON’T LEAVE ME, I NEED YOU. No gold medal on the line for me. No matter what I do in this particular race it will always be my first. No matter what time I come in – until I run another one – it will be my personal best. My first and only chance to have a personal best – regardless of how fast (or slow) I run. I truly want to finish (as Judy says) before that sweep van comes along and picks me up to close the course. Hmmmm, actually feel a little less nervous now. (for the moment anyway)


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