Friday, July 27, 2007

lots on my mind

My mind is going like a freight train this week. As if all the things in my head weren't enough, last night I finished reading Harry Potter. How nice that that this brutal summer cold I'm suffering from coincided with the release of one of my favorite series. The book was non stop action, couldn't put it down. I was very satisfied with the ending which says a lot.

I was pretty much a slug this week. Barely cared about anything. Finally started doing dishes again though - its a start.

I worry about Cancer girl and the fact that her journey is nearing an end. I worry about how her passing will affect those who love her.

I worry about people far away and how I wish I could give them a hug. We really need to sit on a deck for a while drinking ice cold (diet) cokes and solving the problems of the world - or at least our world.

I worry about Mrs C. ( a very wise and kind friend who has been in my life since I was about 10). Her journey too, is nearing an end. I told my mom today - they're moving Mrs. C to "Riverview" - that pretty much sums it up. Palliative care, with dignity and compassion that's what I've heard about Riverview. Cancergirl is getting a spot there too. **sigh**

Tabitha came home with a story from camp. One of the disabled kids at Moose Lake this week choked... not good. They are considering removing life support. She told me so I could pray too... the counselors and kids will be much affected.

Happy things this week too though. Last weekend we had dinner out with R&J - FUN. Sunday was family time at my mom & dad's. Always a good time.

BTB/KT will come tomorrow and help us build a horseshoe pit - fun. Friends invited us for a BBQ on Sunday, that will be fun too.

I'm on holidays for a week, dh can't commit to doing anything fun, but there will be fun, mark my words. There is a time for work and a time for play.

My heart is FULL with the joy that Tabitha has experienced as a staff person at camp these last weeks. Its done today, she already misses it... I can't wait to have her sign up for next year.

I can't wait to pick up Sabrina at camp tomorrow - she's been gone all week. She always seems so mature when I go get her... growing up way to fast...

Alright, I'm all over the place. Tangents if you will. Now I must begin the process of falling asleep. Hoping not to fall asleep with a coughing fit (like the last 4 nights-cry me a river). Then I have to think of all these things that I've written, then I get to fall asleep only to wake up at 6:30 so I can try and go skating tomorrow. Don't shake your head - I need to sweat, I need to shake this cold up. I'm ready.

Friday, July 13, 2007

my heart grew 3 sizes today

Tabitha has spent the last 2 weeks basically - away... She went to abbotsford, BC for a youth assembly on the long weekend and then this last week she's been a Jr. Servant leadership trainee - in otherwords a jr. camp counselor. it just fills me up watching her grow by leaps and bounds in such a short space of time. Next week she'll be molding young minds at day camp (ages 6-12). next year she'll be eligable to be a sr. SLT and then the following year a full fledge camp counselor. The indpendence is amazing. Watching her confidence (which was not short to begin with) grow is huge. I think these volunteer experiences in the great outdoors will help shape her future. How valuabale is that. Sabrina is chomping at the bit to go too... all in good time. For now she is still a camper. Tabitha will be a camper too - at the end of August. She says she likes being a "staff" person, so we'll see which is more fun.

Today felt like the kind of day that we would see BTB's truck drive up for a visit. You know the kind where someone just drops in at the perfect moment?? I think (had he come) he would have definitely brought KT along. That would be fun... now I'm just dreaming though cause I think they are away. I could call and find out I suppose. But the night is almost over, we go skating in the am, so it will be early to bed.

OOOH, there goes the phone, I think its my SC friend!! Oh yes it is!!!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

ever run with a dog?

I never had, I mean I've always wanted to. I like dogs, they're good for the soul, they listen, don't judge, come when they're called and love you unconditionally. I think I would have one if dh wanted one. But he has converted me to a cat lover in a big way. And there is now the complicating factor that Tabitha (for whatever reason) hates dogs. Haven't figured out why yet. She liked them till just a few years ago...

So anyway, I'm running down the street on Sunday and this dog picks me up and starts running beside me. I tell it to "git", I tell it to "go home" I tell it to sit, stay and whatever else I can think of - to no avail. It looks at me, whines and just wants to come along. FINE. Run with me then. And away we go. Well I kept thinking it would get tired of me. Especiallly when it was distracted by the river... nope. It stayed with me for an hour (not that I ran for an hour mind you, it just wouldn't leave!!). Finally I called dh and he came to get me on the ATV. There was no way I was letting this loveable old thing know where I lived. Much as i like dogs, this is not the one I would choose to have i.e. somebody elses!! So anyway dh comes on the ATV with milk bones in hand (we have them for Aunt Dakota... LOL). the pooch wanted nothing to do with them, so I got on the ATV and we booted it out of there.

Fortunately another unsuspecting jogger was on his way towards the intersection we just left in the dust. I'm sure he had a wonderful running companion. Just as I did.