Friday, December 30, 2005

Taking down the tree...and Planning for NYE

You know I love putting up our Christmas Tree. This year it was an amazing time. We all worked at it. Husband, both girls and me. Christmas Carols blaring, home made irish cream ready for the sipping and kittens (2 - they are so cute!) getting under foot constantly. What a blast.

Now its time to take it down. I guess putting up the tree 3 weeks before Christmas means it has to come down pretty soon after. Needles are dropping constantly (i wanted to call them leaves, but of course that is totally wrong!!), everytime the kittens rip around more needles go flying and I'm constantly getting out the vacuum. Plus, if I don't take it down before I go back to work it will stare at me daily till it drives me nuts and ends up in the garbage heep - ornaments and all. So today I will coerce my girls into taking down the ornaments while I do something fun, like run on my treadmill. Who said life was fair right? Then, I will take off the lights and try and man handle the thing outside. How can somenthing so much fun to put up, be such a drag to take down - the only brightside is we're going to put it outside beside the fire pit on NYE. I'm sure at one point it will end up in the fire - how symbolic is that. In with the old, out with the new. No wait, in with the new, out with the old - ok, old tree in the new fire as we ring in the New Year.

I'm looking forward to NYE, having friends over, doing the fondue thing - cheese, oil and chocolate (can you say - eat all night??) and of course having said fire! Should be a blast!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cross Border Friendship Day

Today is the 2nd wingding of Cross Border Friendship Day in 2005. This is a day when all borders are open. As we see it, a border is something that confines a person within a given space. It could be, a province, a city, a municipality, a jurisdiction, or a family--these are large scale examples of course. On a smaller scale, we could be talking about the confines of bed time, of eating/drinking habits, of hours of play in the day, or of a simple get together - aka this is a large acronym for PARTY. (your kids don't realize what you're really up to...they're having fun and so are you )
Let me give you a few examples:
1 If you would like to have a donut for breakast, have one - its, Cross Border Friendship Day (CBFD)
2. If you'd like to have a "drink" at noon go ahead - its CBFD.
3. You have to make sure that supper is planned, so you are still qualify for "mother of the year" (moty).
4. if you continue with rules or examples - you will have confined yourself within a space, this contradicts the whole purpose of cross border friendship day and you must revisit the above explanation of CBFD!
SO - please indulge in cross-border friendship day -we are eliminating all borders and sharing this event around the world, near and far.

If you have a friend,
or perhaps two
here's a llist of things to do

Ice cream for you to eat
chocolate makes the day real sweet
Sisters, friends, cousins and brothers
labels are null, we have each other

If you have people to share
just tell us about them
becuase we care

you can have money
be broke, or whatever
just answer my blog
and alone you'll be never