Tuesday, November 28, 2006

14 year olds

Sabrina is 14 now. Wow. Where did all the confidence come from? She gets all this confidence and suddenly a new girl has emerged. I remember being 14. Starting a new school, spreading my wings, thinking I knew it all. Having full confidence in the fact that the world was mine to explore. I would meet new friends - especially boys.

14 years and some months ago I was pregnant with Sabrina. Another 14 year old I knew at the time had a very concerned father. Somehow - this father thought just because his daughter turned 14 she would begin having sex and most likely get pregant. In steps Blondie - I was tasked with speaking with his daughter, get in her head, make sure all was good. I tried telling him, look not everyone who has sex gets pregnant - his response "you had sex, look what happened to you!" Alright!! Let me tell you - it was a 2 hour conversation, where somehow in the last 5 minutes I managed to spit out some questions about whether or not her friends were having sex, and try and figure out if she was... I'm not sure who was more threatened by this line of questioning LOL.

Did I mention Sabrina has a boyfriend?? **sigh** Why do people grow up so fast?? Apparently he makes her laugh, and he got her a book for her birthday - good signs... If there is anything I wish for my girls it is that they make smart choices with the boys they date and end up with. The ones that make you laugh, feel good about yourself, and complement your sense of self. And chemistry, that little spark that makes your heart jump. That person that gives your heart a squeeze when you see them. Not just to be comfortable with someone, but someone who challenges you on every level. Whoa - listen to me. I wish for them what I have. That thing I forget about in the everyday rush of life - the fact that dh loves me, and I love dh. Spark, excitement, CHEMISTRY. Remember the first time you kissed that special someone???? FIREWORKS. I'm not wishing fireworks on Sabrina just yet, maybe just a small flicker... Did I mention Sabrina has a boyfriend??

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just got my water :)

Somebody does love me!!

eating too much

UGH. I've had appetizer's and cheese cake 3 days in a row for supper. Why you ask? Because its there. Time to get rid of it!! Can't possibly throw the cheese cake out though - way too yummy. All left overs from Grey Cup. Who won again? Kidding. I did pay attention a little bit. We had Jay & family & BTB (& family) as well. Fun was had by all. It was sure nice to see Aunt Dakota.

Right now gearing up for CBFD - AKA Cross Border Friendship Day. Can't wait. Having seen those people since July!! Even staying at our house! How do you prepare for people with cat allergies when you have 2 cats in the house?? Lots of vacuuming! I think I'm ready - think I'll saran wrap the bed when they're not using it to keep the cats off. Bring your Benadryl JAT!!

Wonder if DH can read my mind. I'd really like a glass of water... ummmm. Nope. How bout I just ask - Nope, that didn't work either. Alas, I shall get it myself.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Well that was different. I think I got hit on last night. First time in AGES. It was so overt too. We were at a social. Just getting ready to leave as my overly aggresive husband was just having to much fun. So as we get up the people selling armslengths decide we really shouldn't go and engage in a little banter. Go figure this person starts telling me that I am hot. If only they were single... and tells DH how HOT I am. Asks - Does he tell me - everyday,, cause he should. Well that was all very flattering, funny part is this seller of tickets was a WOMAN!! Says if she wasn't straight she would totally do me. Ummm... how do you reply to that? Well we got out of there finally - the only thing I can imagine is that she had the hots for DH and deflected to me so as not to offend him. That must be it. Cause if she had hit on him, I would have had to get all crazy. Meanwhile DH just smiled and nodded.

Friday, November 17, 2006


UGH! We're moving to a new location in spring. That's the good part. The bad part is our lease on our current space is up so we have to move to another floor in the interim. We've now packed everything for our "temp" move and almost done packing everything that has to go into storage. What a nightmare. I really shouldn't complain though - my co-worker did the lion's share of organizing and more power to her. It was a HUGE job. Had to separate the furniture going to the new place (to be stored!!), the furniture going for repair, the furniture going to our temp floor and the furniture that we just didn't need, which we gave to a non-profit organization.

Now the interesting part - why is it that our office has 11 people, but somehow me and my two female co-workers did all the extra packing, the common files, the kitchen, the supplies, the chairs - everything. By today we'd just about had it. And then as you near the end someone gallantly offers to help you move that box. Hello!!! We've moved everything else up till now, or didn't you notice?? I think I'll suggest we get a gift for B, she really did do most of the work.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

10:36 on a sunday night

The first chance I've had to blog in days (or that I've taken). Its time for bed. My teeth are brushed, face is washed, the house is quiet (except for the hum of the dryer, the clothes just seem to multiply when I'm not looking). I've every reason to crawl into bed - not the least of which is tomorrow my house turns into a bakery. Mom, 2 sister in laws, 1 niece (21) 1 nephew (age 2) my 2 girls and me... all baking - a frenzy of Christmas baking if you will (whoops, can I say Christmas? - perhaps its holiday, or seasonal baking). FOR GET ABOUT IT - Christmas it is and Christmas it shall be! So anyway totallly ready to go to bed, but the quiet is intoxicating. I'd like to just sit and drink it all in. Nobody is speaking to me, asking me for stuff or challenging my need to be right here. Its been a long day, if only 6or7 hours of sleep felt like it lasted all night, I'm sure I'll only feel like I got 3 or 4.

Tabitha made a choice last week, the choice to meet me downtown (Sabrina came too). Till now the bus had been out of the question, but the lure of a contact lens fitting proved to strong. She stepped out of her box and made the trek. Wow - what a shining moment. Thank goodness for cell phones. It made the wait a little more bearable. I met the girls at the bus stop so they wouldn't have to stress making it to my building (who wouldn't have to stress??). I'm very proud of them. This morning in her haste, Tabitha lost a contact. OH MY WORD! Its the end of the world as we know it! I wasn't immediately sympathetic in my frustration at this development. But all too soon my motherly instincts were to fix it and fix it NOW. Thank goodness Jay kept a cool head. We got a replacement already this afternoon. I would have done anything to erase the sadness in Tabitha's eyes. Her carefully laid plans of being ready to wear them to school were in serious jeopardy. I think we're back on track. Crisis averted!!! Thanks Jay...

Ok, now I'm getting sleepy. Must be ready for the bakathon!! UMMMM, can't wait!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bad Hair Day

Ok, I'm having one...

I feel I need devote a few minutes to an objective discussion about my hair (yes really). Its been 10 months or so since I started growing it and I’m going to through another ugly stage (after just coming through a fairly happy stage). DH keeps teasing me about just cutting it off then. Well I gotta tell you – maybe I just should just cut it off. But I’m half way to long hair. It really is a two year process when I start from short/short.

I’ve said this is the last time I’m doing this. When I last had it short, I was starting to feel like I was a bit butchy. Yet on the other hand it was always funky – and SO easy to deal with. What do I do? I can still feel feminine with short hair. Can't I?? Do I really want it long again? I’ve committed to the process, but it really does drive me crazy some days. UGH, I'm 1/2 way there. I should really worry about more important things... I was kind of looking forward to you know, being coy with it, swinging it in front of my face to shield my eyes, vanity is an evil thing.

Your comments are welcome!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Its all good!

JAT is back! Yippee! Hubby found you - go figure! He of course won't tell me how! Oh well. I'm just glad I have access again!

We went to my work on Saturday and brought home some shelving - it was the push I needed. I've started organizing the boxes. Really they've just moved around, but it looks better, and that makes me feel better. Its no closer to being finished, but at least some of the clutter is gone.

Why is it that we all have more stuff than we really need? Or why do we keep the stuff we don't need? What is this thing we call sentimental value. Those things that tug at our heart. Sometimes I keep things when I know they've tugged at someone else's heart. I consider myself ruthless (sometimes), I can often just chuck it, but don't let me think on it, or I'm toast. Sigh, I really am just a softy.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Ok, my good friend JAT's URL is not working - is just from my computer? JAY - I need help - I don't understand. My roots are showing through.

My gimpy friend JAT (she fell down a set of stairs and has severely altered the state of her right shoulder!!! - for which I am OH SO SORRY) is lost to me in cyberspace. I've tried searching blogger.com and still can't find it.

Keep commenting jat - then I know you are still out there!!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Lets talk about it briefly shall we? I'm sitting here with the desire to be incredibly witty. But alas I am currently "sick like dog" and unable to put coherent thoughts together. So I began thinking about my on-line buddies.

There is/was Huma. His was the first blog I ever read. I was so intimidated. Was it ok to go on at work? Yes/No? But it was so addictive!! Now he never posts. I don't even bother checking anymore.

Then Jay. To whose Blog I posted anonymously to before I summoned the courage to begin my own. ummm... the early days. Love getting in your brain that way!!

JAT, who blog has mysteriously disappeared - where oh where has your little blog gone?

My Name's not mom... love to read family updates - more power to you!!

BTB - are you out there?????

married with young adults - did you get your internet hooked up again yet?

Ah, this place we blog. What can I say about IT. Think it, write it, post it, read it, comment on it

It is my friend, it is funny. It doesn't mind when my brain is mush.

DH used to ask what are you doing when I typed, I didn't know what to say - now I say "I'm entertaining myself". Yes IT is entertainment.