Wednesday, April 30, 2008

they make me laugh!

Tonight I "baby sat" my 3 & 5 year old nephews while dad was recording engineer for the musical. Really all they need is someone to bounce off of. I mostly just watched them play, or watched Big L watch a movie. How much fun is that? I never get that kind of time with them. I loved it.

Big L - (after he farts) - excuse me
Me - absolutely
Big L - I usually fart really big at home
Me - ya?
Big L - oh ya, Pee Yoo!
Me - hmmm
Big L - ya and once I had diarrhea
Me - really...
Big L - ya, it was really long (makes circle motion with arms)
Me - did you feel better after that?
Big L - a little

I guess those are the conversations I would have on a regular basis if I hadn't had girls LOL. What kids! Me & Little L did a lot of pretending. Nice to pretend, makes everything else seem not so important - what a gift. I think they baby sat me!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

somethings make you cry

You know how somethings can make you cry? Like your friend dying? Or the look in someone's eyes? Or sometimes an MTS commercial? Somethings make lots of sense, the appropriate time to cry. Other things catch you off guard and just make you fall apart.

I'm trying really hard today to make everything happen that's supposed to happen and get everybody where they are supposed to be. And keep everybody happy. Mandy needs 2 deserts to bring to a fundraiser. One is supposed to be a pie. I've never baked a pie. They will get what I am good at. First lots of work went into a nice choco chip cheese cake. Then, a spiced rum cake. should be lovely I'd say. The spiced rum cake is in the oven. I'm carefully ensuring my cheese cake looks nice. Got the pretty plate, a cover. Looks good. Now I've got the spatula. I've just dropped a 1/4 of it, 1/2 of that on on the floor...

Guess I'll go buy a pie.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There's no place like home...

I can't believe it. I thought posting in this space was gone from me forever. I've been yearning to put my thoughts down without any outlet, short of creating a new page.

Not only could I not remember my original user id or password for the account that I used to set up this blog, I'd also forgotten the google account I'd used to update my blog. I created a hotmail account originally and then a yahoo account. Problem was I couldn't even go back to hotmail as I've not used it in so long its dead. So I figured any information I tried to give the Blog people would be useless, they would probably ask me favorite food to confirm who I was and I'd forget that too!

As luck would have it I came across the file your not supposed to keep - the one with passwords in it!!! To tell you the truth it wasn't even the password I was missing, it was the user ID - WELL, I'm back baby! Now to fill my up my space with random useless thoughts. Who would have thought I could miss this medium. Journaling for others to see. What a concept. People won't have to write memoirs any more, just down load their MSN, Facebook, Blogger or whatever else history. It's all out there. I Googled myself the other day. My name only turns up as some journalist down south. Whatever.

Maybe next I'll update my background (taking lessons from JoJo)