Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Water Fight

Classic. Super Soakers extraordinaire, water buckets, even water bottles for those without a weapon. It all began when hubby took his newly acquired birthday super soaker out of the package. He got the big one, Big L got the little one. Off they went. E & Y quickly began stalking them round the house and people got "mildly" damp. Then Jay upped the "aunti" At Buddy B's suggestion she hung out the 2nd story laundry room window and waited for Y to guide the boys underneath. (we managed to talk her out of going out my bedroom window onto the over hang - good thing!!!) It worked. Hubby managed to get away fairly dry, but Big L was not so lucky. Being 4, the whole water thing from above was little traumatic. Good thing hubby came to console him - guess who got soaked while that happened!! Nothing like a little bait. Well, Big L, now shirtless and ready for a little retaliation came on strong. Meanwhile, buddy B had more suggestions for Jay & E. Go hang out the front door and wait behind the pillars (while he promptly informed the boys at the back door of this - who's a double agent?????). A long battle ensued while Y ran next door to borrow 2 more super soakers -GAME ON!! Meanwhile Big L was a little miffed with his shoes - buddy B to the rescue - goes outside to help - who can resist that smile?? Oh poor buddy B - I just happened to lock the door after him - after of course telling Y at the back to go round front with a fresh load of ammo. Did you see the look on his face when he realized he couldn't get back in??? What a hoot. Jay's hubby, Little L and I were the only ones to stay dry. My kids were most curious that Uncle didn't come out. Maybe next time!!

Big smiles!!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Been Busy

May Long was great! Stayed home a lot did stuff outside and just basically had a great weekend. The only thorn was Jay & hubby were away and missed out on some family fun!! Ok, that wasn't really the thorn, though I did miss them something fierce!! The thorny part was their 1 year old was sick and the grandma's taking care of him were quite worried. BUT, they did a great job and did what they had to, to take care of him. I think they did awesome. Would you believe that it turns out he has baby measles??? Interesting for sure! He's doing much better and will be fine. I just haven't heard of anyone getting that in ages!! I'm glad he's feeling better. He has a special space in my heart (as do all my nieces and nephews). Its just that smile of his that melts my heart!!

Work really picked up this week. Good things happening there with the new company. Positive forward growth! Even had champagne on Thursday to celebrate a milestone. :)

I'm sitting here in bed posting wondering if the roads will be dry in 2 hours. We're going to that park 45 minutes away to skate. Hopefully it won't just turn out to be a Saturday morning drive!! Apparentlly the rain is stopped. As it is hubby will have to wait for it to dry up outside to get anything done - there is so much to do... We've been waiting for our GST rebate cheque (they actually give some back after you build a house!!) to finish some of the outside work. I called the other day wondering when it will come - can you believe 4-6 months!!! Boneheads I tell you. I may have to write a letter...

Speaking of writing a letter. I started reading a gardening book the other day. Yes, me. I'm actually interested this year. Trouble is I HAD to put it down!! So many typos I nearly freaked! Major pet peave for me - TYPOS. Oh yeah, please ignore any I made today - sitting here without my glasses on!! LOL

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well apparently my anticapatory disorder (the art of seeing the worst in any situation) is in full working order. I could not for the life of me figure out why THAT many police cars would be around if it was just a car seat check. But apparently that is what it was. My co-workers sister lives in the area, has kids and was stopped and checked to see if they were installed properly etc.

I couldn't wait to get home to my kids! Just the thought of someone having a missing child is enough to put my brain into full mother bear mode.

I am very grateful for what I have. So much so last night I thought it would be nice if me and the two girls went for a walk - wouldn't that be nice. E really didn't want to go - can I bring my I-pod? **sigh** sure. Y - can I bring my walkman? **sigh** sure. Well a good 20 minutes in E finally loosened up. Joked with me etc. Y had a running commentary the entire time, made a little hard to bare by the fact that any answers I supplied or comments I interjected were met with "huh", or "what?" because of course the music in her ears was as a little LOUD. Still quality time. The weather was great and the rest of the night was spent with hubby & buddy b on the front porch while the kids watched a movie.

Tonight a bbq with my brother et al & buddy b. FUN. Will have a fire etc. Gotta clean up the house today get some exercise and prepare for a GREAT weekend. Happy May Long everyone!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

what's up?

Must admit to feeling a tad anxious. Turned off the highway by hubby's old shop to find a police road block. They were stopping everybody at every entrance to our town. Only question was - any babies with you? Obviously not in my car. I thought they must be doing a car seat check till I reached the other side of the bridge several more police cars like a 1/2 dozen. All I can think of - is there a baby missing? I prayed real hard then. God be with whomever needs you tonight.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Well, lets just say that teh best man did not win. Not in my opinion. I was so annoyed with Danielle for picking Aras. Her reasoning was way off. Terry deserved to go to the final two like crazy. Actually so did Aras, but he blew it after jumping in the water. Although I guess he didn't blow it... he won.

And - was I ever amazed to learn that Ceri was the most like survivor ever. I didn't appreciate her at all - it was all those two faced eye rolls. I'm sure she is a very nice person and I'm glad to see that she got off the couch, but all the same, I think she was very two faced. Under the radar - HELLO!!! good thing SHE wasn't in the final two.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Big day

For one - its mother's day. I feel blessed - two girls with home made cards and a painting, and lots of hugs & kisses. Breakfast with my side of the family at a restaurant - FUN. 3 little boys who make me smile so much. Good food, good company. Quick drive through city park and home again. Good thing I had a few hours to catch up on house work before hubby's mom came for supper. Somebody has to do it - even on Mother's Day... that's ok - I got to go for an hour walk by myself listening to E's ipod. You'd think it was mine as I listened to Queen, B52's, Gun's N' Roses, AND top 40... What a kid. I'm glad the Garage sale is over. I've made it clear that I don't care to do that again. Whatever is left is going to CD - That's it! Funny, we emptied Buddy B's basement of our junk, plus a whole pile of boxes from our basement, but somehow there is still lots... probably enough for another garage sale (oh wait, i think I said I wasn't doing that again!!).

Supper is over, my inlaw's have gone home and I'm just waiting for hubby to come in and start the next best part of my day - SURVIVOR FINALE. He's taping it on PVR so that we can watch as soon as he's finished leveling some mud (always working that guy). Personally I'd like to continue to work on the tiny buzz I got drinking wine with supper. Its been a while since I indulged even a little bit, so I figure Mother's Day is a good day to kick back. I'm so full I feel I should start squeeling - who put out chips anyway!! Especially after having that big breakfast! Oh well, at least this day isn't like Christmas or Easter with 3 days of eating. Today I get to pack it all in, in one day!

I think I hear hubby coming in - YIPEE!! I hope Terry wins, not his real name, oh wait, yes it is... I get so used to using alias' LOL. I'm sure I'll have lots to say on the outcome!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Garage Sales

I am amused. I've been sitting in my garage for the last 4 hours selling "stuff". Some junk, some good "stuff". Its amazing what people will buy. I've sold a treadmill that doesn't work (yes I told the guy) books, dishes, cameras, old LP's, barbies, and other assorted things.

I think I've made over $100 so far - but - both hubby and I took the day off (what's that worth!) - so I may be in the hole still. Plus the time I've spent getting it altogether, pricing and organizing.

True, I kind of hoped I'd be sitting in the sun, drinking a little something while people walked by and dropped money in my lap, but its cold, windy and starting to get dark. I'm not really complaining, I've had an ok day, and lets be honest - I'm not inside looking at the house that desparately needs cleaning. So all in all, I guess Garage Sales can be worth it.

The people that come and talk your ear off - they are funny. Smile & Nod!!! Then there is the kind hutterite gentleman who drove his big honken truck down our road, with a 30' horse trailer on the back and he wondered how he'd turn around!! I said well, it is a dead end, there is a sign at the top of the street - his response was "yeah, I saw that too late" Whatever. He got practice backing out... Made me laugh.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This, That and other stuff

Its been a long week... E opted out of the youth event and went to her friends Bday party, so by now it is all a mute point. I fretted for quite some time, but now its over so I'll just wait for the next dilemma.

I wrecked my knee a little bit (I was going to say buggered up, but I'm told that would be an absolutely inaccurate use of the word by my friend JAT). About 11 days ago it swelled, no pain, just swollen. Still ran, and did other stuff, but by Sunday night it was really sore. I finally went to the sports injury clinic. X-rays came back clear - thank you!!! Supposedly just irritated carltlidge or something like that. Could be worse. Walking doesn't hurt at all, but steps and other stuff sure does. 2 weeks - no running, skating, step aerobics or even biking. Dr. said - just walk. Part he doesn't get is that I'm completely obsessed with my weight loss journey and feel slightly crippled by that advice. BUT, I will rest it and not do anything to injure it permanently.

Speaking of weight loss journey I wore a skirt today I haven't put on in a long time. You know one of those wrap-around ones, kind of longer (and yes from quite a while ago - the waist is like 2 inches above my belly button!!). So I drive to work, park the car and go out of the parkade to the street and WIND. You'd think my memory would have been better. I almost pulled a Marilyn over the storm grate move as I tried to cross the street! I'm sure the people on the bus have stopped laughing by now. On the way home I tightly clenched the wayward material so as not to embarrass myself yet again!

Did you notice I said park the car?? We are no longer a mini-van family. Loving my new Dodge Caliber (or perhaps I should say "our" - hubby pays the loan too after all). Way fun, sun roof, booming sound system (came with the car, didn't want that feature necessarily) and this thing is SO great on gas. What a difference, saving me about $40/week already!

I still have quite a lot to say about my weekend, but I'll keep it brief. Y had her church musical performance - what a joy!!! those kids worked so hard. They did great - story of Jonah and the Whale - what fun!!!! The other highlight of the weekend was buying bathing suits for the kids. Ok, one kid - one young lady. How is it the kid who is the shyest of the lot ends up in bikini that even I would have trouble getting into. She looks fabulous. But WAY too mature. More on that another day!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


This youth event is the symptom of a larger problem. My eldest is having a crisis (maybe a little dramatic), or confusion of faith. I noticed a few months ago that bed time prayers had gotten a little automatic and reluctant. Recently even more reluctant to the point that we gave them up and every night instead I say "may God bless you real good" to which she gives me a positive nod/smile and then I say "I think does". We had a long conversation a few weeks ago about faith and what it means. She is stuck on inconsistencies (in her mind) in the bible and how it is all too neatly wrapped up. She wonders how people can take it and use their own interpretation to suit their needs. I admit I wonder the same things sometimes. But, to help her out I found a whole bunch of articles that support the historical facts and timelines of the bible. That seemed to help. But we haven't talked it out yet.

Now, she has this party (with boys) to go to. She doesn't want to miss out. Wonders if she has to go to the soup kitchen. Its a sleep over so she won't even miss that much (could be there by nine) - oh, don't worry, boys are kicked out at 11pm. I'm just not sure how hard to push. Do I insist she go the soup kitchen? We've been talking at church about losing the youth to other "fun" events. I feel I'm losing mine already. She doesn't have her faith to keep her there right now. She wonders why she needs to go at all. Yet, you get her singing hymns or camp songs and she can feel it - I told her to hold onto that feeling, but she says "how do I know that's faith, maybe I just really like singing..." I'm at a loss, I don't know what to say.

Guess I won't let her read the Da Vinci code right now.

A new post

I guess its a good thing that I get up and exercise first. Not log on. I have every urge to do a very long post right now. But alas I don't have time. Maybe tonight.

Topic of the day (or hour) - What to do when E has a party to go to for one of her best friends, but is already committed to going to a youth event - serving in a soup kitchen as part of a serving experience (learning experience). And that is just the beginning...