Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Blogger Break

I do believe everyone one of my posting buddies is on a break. There is nothing to read about in cyber space... Hellooooooooo?? Alright. Let me be the first to get back on!

Christmas is over for another year. Should I take the tree down now? Or wait till New Years Day when it will stress me out because I have to get it down before I go back to work??? Hmmm.. no brainer, it will come down before New Years!! Lots of time with family the last few days. Nice...

Few more days and its back to reality. That's not so bad. Now is the count down till spring. But before that I'd like to see some more snow, have some fun and just be content with the here and now. We have DH's Christmas party in January and a wedding. Hopefully DH & I will get away for a little break at some point - I'm thinking February.... So a few things to look forward to.

Ok, how stressful can it be for an almost 12 year old to buy new pants/jeans. Before Christmas it was dress pants. She's out of youth sizes, but not quite into adult... Went to every store in PP. Finally found some at WALMART. Then yesterday it was jeans... she needed some. So we start looking. Mom, they feel funny, these are too tight, these ones look funny, these ones gape at the back AAAAAAAAAAAAA. slow it down!!! Lets go to the old standby - Warehouse One. My life saver. the girl there was great, just like when my resident 14 year old went through the same thing (BTW, she seems to have forgotten that whole trauma - phew). So, if I'm lucky Sabrina is not scarred for life, she'll learn to block out the bad stuff too... WHATEVER. I'm just glad its over LOL. But how is it that I went into buy Jeans for Sabrina and Tabitha ended up with a pair too!! Lucky kid.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Its here! What fun. All my presents are wrapped. I've tried to be sneaky this year so know one figures out what they're getting. The girls are getting totally different things, but I bought dollar store boxes that are the same size to put both presents in. DH always guesses - NOT THIS YEAR. I feel quite confident about that.

Yesterday was mixed emotions. Came into work bubbly and excited (yes Jay, too smiley!!). Hadn't checked my email since the day before and bounced around the office saying good morning. I mean who wouldn't, there was more shortbread in the office, chips and dip from the day before and we were getting off at noon. How fun is that? One of my co-workers seemed a bit off, but I thought nothing of it and kept on my current trend of way too happy. Finally sat down and got my day going. First email I see is from said co-worker (B). B's birthday was Thursday, B's sister-in-law passed away late Thursday night... from a battle with cancer. Late forties, wife & mother. I am heart broken for B. Her email also said to enjoy my Christmas and appreciate my friends and family.

I will enjoy my Christmas, I will appreciate my friends and family. I will say a little prayer for B and her family. I will remember that amidst the joy there is also sadness. I will not sweat the small stuff. I will count my blessings.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry O Christmas

O being for Opa & Omi (my mom & dad). Spent the day with them. Carol singing, the Christmas story and Roast Beef au Jus for lunch. Oh and yes, presents. What fun. The adults pick names and do an exchange, the young ones still get presents from all. What fun. Felt whole & at peace with the day.

I'm exhausted now. Going to watch Survivor Finale. Ozzy just got immunity again...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

how peaceful

What a wonderful spring day. I just stepped out on the front deck, in shorts... (ok, I haven't changed from running on my treadmill yet). It is so calm out. I love being home on the weekends when I can actually see outside. Right now it is dark in the morning when I leave and darker still when I get home. I like looking out my windows, seeing the train way out there and watching people on the trail. Its only -2 celcuis how cool - or hot!! is that?

This morning I told Tabitha we wouldn't be going to church again till Christmas Eve, we have dh's work - family party tomorrow then, my parents Christmas next Sunday. Her response - COOL. I looked at her fast, she went, Ummmm.. I mean, that's too bad mom, what are we doing? **sigh**. Her idea of a good time, church is not. Though she loves seeing the people especially her cousins. I guess we just hang on to that till she finds another reason to enjoy it again... I know she still loves the singing...

The band concerts this week were fun. Nice to see Sabrina up there and I won't forget the look of Tabitha with the highschool crowd. Their concert uniform is a dress for the girls - any dress, as long as its nice (mostly summer type dress's). She looked great, mature, too good for words. Where has the time gone?? Really makes you grateful for the now. Really does...

Tonight is my work party. Just booked our cab. Its nice that they do that. The party is at one of the guys house, catered. Shoudl be fun. Something different. We're too small to rent a place, but a little to big for a restaurant, so it should be interesting. This guys house can fit 4 rented round tables in his dining room - nice place... I've arranged everything, I hope I didn't forget anything!!! Just a little nervous... Should be fine. Bought a new shirt to wear... DH's party isn't till January, it will be neat having another one after the season is over...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chauffeur mom

Chauffeur mom - that's me. Tonight anyway. DH is escaping to go x-country skiing, (if the windchill isn't too bad). Me, I will drive Sabrina to her band concert, then Tabitha to a youth event, back to get Sabrina at school, return to the mall to get Tabitha from the youth mall hunt, then HOME. Oh, and I think I'll try to get to Costco somewhere in there...

2nd of three concerts tonight. Its nice to see SAbrina up there!! Tomorrow is Tabitha's - high school - should be pretty good.