Wednesday, June 28, 2006

this & that

Just tucked in E. Yes, she still lets me do that. But don't tell anyone... She's been on the phone & MSN for about 2 hours talking to who knows who (yes we do monitor it). Funny part is I thought she was on the phone with one of the guys from School/town, as it turns out she was on with a guy (same age) she met at a multi school fantasy baseball game event. Go figure. She's settling into a new reality lately, coming out of her shell a bit. Meeting new people and liking it. She went to the highschool orientation last week - and I quote "mom, people just come talk to me, if I'm standing by myself, they just come talk to me" I do believe she will be alright in that big ol' school all by herself.

I just ate a 1/4 of a watermelon - honest I was just going to cut some for tomorrow, but it was so good. My bladder may not be happy with me tonight LOL.

How is it you spend more on groceries when you walk in the store with the full intention of spending less (especially after having gone to Costco???).

Went to Y's farewell from grade 5 assembly today. Nice. Very well done, they all got t-shirts with everybodys signature on the back. Nice keepsake. We must have spent 1/2 an hour getting her dressed today. Wanted something "different" "new" - a little late at 7:30 in the morning i said!! I'm going to miss this school. The teachers were awesome.

Bought a bathing suit on the weekend. It was time. How can something made of so little material cost so much? Plus I found two (count em TWO) bottoms that I liked, so I bought them both. How many times does that happen???? Grand total with all Sears discounts in - $62 - for 3 pieces. What a smart shopper I am. Though, of course I still felt guilty - right up until I went to work and my coworker bought one as well - only she spent $140. Ok, I guess I did alright.

Experimented with downloading (or would that be uploading??) photos to Costco. Picked up 4 pictures today - they turned out great. Sure wish I'd been trying this all along, I've now got 121 pictures to print. At least they are only .15 a piece at Costco, could be worse I suppose.

I'm full of energy right now. Must have something to do with they Tylonal with caffeine I took not to long ago. A headache that would not stop!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Ok, so I had a package of marinade to do the steaks. Calls for 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/3 cup water and 1/4 cup oil... why would I add that much oil??? So I upped the water and vinegar - forget the oil. I've been doing that for years... still tastes very yummy. On to the next step...

Marinate 30 minutes or overnight. (Flavour increases with longer marinating time).

Thats it, nothing else. So does that mean if I marinate 45 minutes I've wrecked it? Overnight - does that mean I should bbq at breakfast time? Steak & eggs maybe? 30 minutes or overnight, that is pretty black & white. Not a lot of room for error. 30 minutes, what if the steak is tough? An hour might make it better, but that is not what the package said!!! Overnight... that would take pre-planning I think. Who thinks that far ahead about your average supper?

Well, I've done it. I bbq'd after only an hour of marinading (word??). Its ok folks. My steak is good. I've never really been one for rules...

Wonder what else I can make today.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Its the weekend

I'm so happy bout that! Last weekend is a blur... I need to clean my house again, spend some time doing nothing and hopefully cook a meal or two.

Last night we went to the local fair on the west side of town. WHAT A HOOT. Ok, more like long line ups, lots of walking inter-mixed with moments of shear terror/complete joy. That's what it looked like to me anyway. E rode with her friend on a few of the scarier rides, while Y had to get off the big ol swing. She looked at me just before it was ready to go with those big eyes about to fill up and had to off. Poor kid. They went on the big slide next to make up for it. later in the evening she tried again, this time with the dad-man - and they did it. She loved it. Very liberating for her as later we all went on the Pharoah express big boat swing type ride. I SCREAMED - so did E though. FUN.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Have you ever felt like you stepped into a fairy tale? The wedding we went to yesterday was absolutely beautiful. The house and garden had been transformed. A tent in the backyard big enough to comfortably seat 100, contained a 10' ice bar and room to move around. The ceremony was outside in the garden. The rain held off just long enough for the "I do's" and a rousing "Mazel Tov" I've never been to a Jewish wedding. It was rich with symbolism and tradition. Very impressive.

The food was amazing - prepared by Chef Susur Lee who came in from Toronto. I have never had beef that tender (not even Roast Beast!!). A seven course meal served over 2 hours with wine being poured constantly. What a nice way to dine. Too bad the wine creeps up on you by the end. As one of the guys said - its a sleeper, just kind of hits you cause you don't actually take note of just how much you're consuming!! Don't worry, I didn't embarrass anyone. We had a really good time!!

The speeches were heart felt and so moving. I'll say this about that - I've never heard the groom open up that way before. Honest and passionate about how he felt about his new bride, his kids and family. Very nice. I was oh so touched when he thanked me too for the help as they prepared for their day. Weddings are always beautiful, but I really felt the promise of a new chance at happiness for both the bride & groom. I get misty just thinking about it...

There are so many details I could go on about, but I think I need a bit more sleep tonight. I'll admit, I was suffering just a little this morning... Somehow just the thought of opening the turkey bacon, getting some out, packing it for lunch and putting the rest back in the fridge was WAY to much to handle. I grabbed only pre-packaged stuff, and away I went - managed to only be about 10 minutes late for work... some days I really wish I drank coffee - I waited till lunch time to crack my diet coke - ummm... Caffeine... (could have been worse, could have been a kit kat... give me a break, give me a break, gotta have a piece of that kit kat bar...)

Mazel Tov!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Top Gun...

Just sat down to ice my toe! Ouch. Dropped a bottle (thank goodness it was plastic) of lemon juice on my baby toeat supper prep today!!! Don't talk to mommy kids, gotta walk it off... how can something so little hurt so much? I think it is fine, but you know the feeling when you've hit your funny bone real hard?? Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!!

Anyway, turned the TV on and there's about 1/2 hour of Top Gun left. Have always loved this movie. Back when Tom Cruise was a Man's Man, not a "Girly Man". Boy has he changed.

I bought a pair of silly sandals for a wedding we're going to. Not the kind you can hike in. The kind that are just for show LOL. Actually they are pretty comfortable and seem to have just enough heel to make my knees happy. We'll see... I can always kick them off for dancing right??

That wedding is coming up this weekend. Should be a good time.

Loving the pictures on Jay's post!! To many smiles for words. Makes me happy!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Grade 8 Farewell

For a few weeks now E and I have been talking about Grade 8 Farewell. There is an awards breakfast this morning, lunch later at a local place and then a dance in the afternoon for just the grade 8s. I guess its more like I’ve been asking questions or making suggestions and she’ll answer most questions with Uh huh, or um, hum… I get that a lot now, the same answer to 6 different questions.

So this morning she got dressed in her white peasant skirt, flip flops and halter top with a tank underneath. A combination I never would have tried, but she looked beautiful. She actually came to me with help for her hair (NEVER lets me touch it any more) and wanted to steal some of my makeup – which by the way, decided she wants to keep. Ok, I’ll just buy more I guess?? I took a couple of pictures of the finished product. She looks great.

What I was really unprepared for was the onslaught of emotions as we pulled up to the local high school where the breakfast was being held (where hubby graduated from). I wanted to say a few things before I dropped her off, but not to early for her to think about and think I was being corny. But then suddenly we were there. I told her in a rush just how beautiful she was, that I was proud of her, to stand tall and that I love her. I was rewarded with a brilliant full smile and a flash of joy in her eyes. Then she was gone.

I’m still kind of choked up. No this is not grade 12 grad, but a milestone none the less. Her last hurrah at this school, with these friends. Next year onto a new school and to make new friends. I have every confidence she will do well. I am however a little misty at moving on to the next chapter. Little girl no more, but always my baby.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

look what happens

when I don't get time on the computer. My friends communicate with each other more than I do - AND MUST I SAY IT AGAIN. I only locked buddy b (aka btb) out - shall we talk about the little side game he was playing all along??? And would have continued to play had I not locked him out??????? Sour grapes I say. Come to my house, we'll talk over a civilized glass of something cold and all will be well.

Speaking of well. Monday night at around 10pm hubby says come outside.... To my amazement the field was alive. Fireflies everywhere. I've never seen them before. I was overcome with a HUGE feeling of contentment. I mean WOW!

BTW, came home and E had friends over - boys...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

How lame am I...

Just finished cleaning the house. It is 9:04 PM on a Saturday. Oh well... could have spent the day outside soaking in the sun. But instead Y and I prepped food and served at a wedding. Nice... its nice to give back I suppose. Was there for 5 hours and still felt guilty when I left before all the clean up was done. It was great though to see all the ladies who would normally be serving enjoying being served for a change. Always wondered who would serve if they were busy. I guess now I know. Someone else has to pick up the torch. Glad others were in charge. What an awful lot of work. I'd rather be a worker bee on this one that is for sure.

Hubby invited his entire work over yesterday. Amazing - it wasn't even that stressful. Everyone stayed outside round the fire and we have way more beer in the fridge then when we started. LOL. Tube steaks for everyone. Always fun. One of the guys just could not sit still. Felt he had to be manly and fell some dead trees. Funny. Then we took the ax first!!

E is at band camp this weekend. Been gone since Thursday. Feels weird without her around - no contact... I told her to make smart choices and to tell her boyfriend to behave LOL. I got the look!! and the "MOM!!". So I guess there is no boyfriend yet... so she says...

Would love to settle down for a long movie. Hubby is still out mowing the weeds. The man is like the energizer bunny. Go, Go, Go. Must admit, he keeps things pretty well attended to outside. Nice. Cheers to hubby.