Wednesday, August 13, 2008


You gotta know that I hate laundry. Yes, yes, I know. So does everybody. My laundry I can generally control. I mean I wear dress clothes to work, change when I get home, and usually I get to wear something a couple of times before I have to wash it. Good. The kids is a completely different story. The stuff piles up for them even when they don't wear it. I hate having the "why is that on the floor" conversation. Just because you choose to take it out of the closet and reject wearing it DOES NOT MEAN ITS DIRTY. When we were first married, Tim worked as a salesman for a lumber distributor. That meant shirt/tie/dress pants. Every week I ironed and ironed. I had it down to 5 minutes a shirt (I thought that was pretty good). How is it that white shirts - washed in the white load, just never stay white??? Then he went to the sport shop and it became heavy duty construction grade jeans and polo shirt after polo shirt - usually once a year for the snowmobile show he'd get 2or3 new ones (one year at least the ones I washed stayed red - how come Steve's turned out PINK!). Then finally came the biggest blessing of all! Enter "ULTIMATE AUTO" dress shirts and pants - all taken care of by Quinton's Cleaners. YES!

A few weeks ago DH mentioned they were getting golf shirts. I thought that was nice. Yeah, great. Yesterday he went to Mark's Work Warehouse and bought some very fine - stain resistant, wrinkle resistant pants. shall I call them slacks? are they laundry resistant? **SIGH** back to basics it is. The dark load just got a lot bigger again.

Don't even get me started on our exercise gear!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

in vacation mode!!

I am so relaxed. Vegas was such a blast. 2 fun filled nights in sin city, a night at the grand canyon and 2 more in vegas.

I can't even begin to describe all the fun we had. The weather is actually worth talking about. 41 degrees average - EVERYDAY. But that's ok - it's a dry heat... WHATEVER. The furnace blast of walking outside was only equalled by the shock of re-entering an air-conditioned casino. DH and I went for a couple of runs together early in the morning, the only time it would have been possible. Low temps were 28-30. I found it quite challenging running in that heat. Not to mention you don't get to just go in a straight line, up and down the stairs/escalators added their own special challenge. (you can't cross most intersections at street level, disrupts the traffic too much). Good thing DH carried water with him.

The girls thought Vegas was amazing. So much to see. The hotels are so grand. Our swimming pools were the best and I think if you ask them their favorite part was the M&M store. Spent a lot of time in there!!

Our second night in Vegas we had a sit down dinner at "Dick's" last resort restaurant. THAT was hilarious. Their thing is if you can't handle humor, just leave now. Seriously. I saw at least one couple do just that when they thought they hadn't been treated properly. Our waiter - Ace - was rude, annoying and so funny. One of the first things he did was ask Tim if we were married, on hearing the affirmative he asked anyone listening if they knew that "that guy is having sex with her". I tried explaining the kids didn't know that, of course he'd have none of that... Sam turned bright red and Mandy just howled. Ask Mandy for the rest of the story!! Shortly after we headed over to see the show STOMP. See it - its amazing!!

On Wednesday we checked out and went to Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. I've never been quite so awestruck. First by man's ingenuity and engineering marvel, and then God's most amazing handy work in the Grand Canyon. I would seriously like to spend a lot more time in the Canyon. WOW. The girls were exhausted that night and we packed it in early, but on Thursday we spent a good 2 hours wandering along the Rim. It was simply majestic.

Now we're home, Vegas is a blur of memories (though I do have 152 pictures to print!) and we have no major plans till spending some time at Westhawk on the weekend. I hate when time slips away... must hold on to the memories...