Monday, May 26, 2008


Wow, legends?? - oh yes. Rush at the MTS Centre was just amazing. What a great concert. The venue is fabulous. I didn't have any of the pre concert jitters that have plagued me for years (something about getting pee'd on at Chris De Burgh - standing on the floor at his concert when I was 18!!! EWWWWWWWWWW) I was with a group of 11 other people just as excited as me (and a few thousand of our peers!). Of course the best part could have turned into tragedy. People kept standing up in front of us. Ripple effect, you know one guy with perfect sight lines would stand, so someone behind him would stand, etc. Didn't we all pay for our seats? yes, I know its perfectly alright to stand in front of your chair (at least that is what security said) but really. First dude was in the flippen front row!! So anyway buddy to my left tells me, you go say something, your blonde, they'll listen. k fine, whatever - I hop over some seats and do just that, they say talk to the guys over there... oh boy... ok, off I go, next row "please sir, would you mind?" well, I'll have to go talk to that couple over there (AAAAAAAAAAA, starting to shake now) go to said couple, "hey, would you mind sitting down? Its creating a ripple effect..." Chick gives me a look that says not on your life and says I have to talk to the guy (finally at the front row dude) down there... whoops, I think my heart skipped a beat so I tell her "you know I'm getting farther and farther away from my friends, I'm kind of starting to get scared" She looks at me (I can see the attitude war in her mind) - finally laughs and sits down. So back to my brothers and friends I go - I GOT A STANDING OVATION from at least 3 people! What a hoot. Dude beside BTB even brought me a beer later. I stopped shaking and enjoyed the rest of the concert. What a blast. I honestly had a great time.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

made me smile

Yesterday I was in the drug store by my work. As I'm paying for my stuff this little girl (mommy not to far behind) come marching up to the counter. She must have been around 3. In her hand she's clutching a tube of toothpaste. Already misshapen from her tight grip. She darts up, puts it on the counter and announces she's buying it. I look down and smile, she grins back and says "this is princess Barbie toothpaste. I like princess Barbie toothpaste. AND, I'm going to brush my teeth with it." I look down at her, smile and say "that's a good thing". She grins like crazy and just stands there waiting for mom to anti up. Still smiling...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Always learning something new, or re-learning...

Went to a sport nutrition seminar on Friday night (oh ya! what could be more fun on Friday night of the FIRST LONG WEEKEND OF THE YEAR!!!!!) Ok, so we're not terribly exciting, but I gotta say I enjoyed it. Some of it was old news, eat healthy, live long and prosper. But this guy was really into the benefits of eating protein at every meal. His view - fat is not your enemy, sugar is (as well as overall caloric intake). He said eggs have a bad rap, well sure, when you eat eggs with hash browns, toast, juice and bacon something has gotta give. Eat eggs by themselves and you're ok... I've heard it before - the protein thing - not Atkins though, protein with good carbs... The whole good carb bad carb thing used to kind of confuse me. I get it now. Vegetables and some fruits = good carbs. the rest - caution carbs (his words) Still wanted us to enjoy what we love. Just always have a good source of protein with. Hmmmm so I love protein, but I'm not cooking a steak for breakfast. Well folks, we bought a big honkin jug of protein powder. It actually tastes good in the fruit smoothies I'm already eating everyday, so just one more way to give my body what it needs.

Oh - and he had a scale with him, tested body fat percentage based on age, sex, height. So I had one of the lowest percentages for the women in the room (there were only 4 of us) but wow - was I surprised. He kind of acted surprised too... guess all the fruits and vegetables do pay off. Now if only the low percentage could translate into "harder, better, faster stronger" that, that that won't kill us - can only make us stronger...

I would have loved to have talked to him one on one. I may call his number yet. It would be interesting to get his take on the whole "food associated, exercise induced, anaphylaxis". Though I am still throwing the idea around of seeing JoJo's naturepoath instead - he has a few more letters behind his name than this guy... we'll see.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Teenagers are interesting beasts. Take Samantha's friend of the last 3 years, lets call her Amy. Amy has always been a little controlling, the clique always centred around her. If Amy was having a bad day, well everyone had a bad day. If Amy was feeling closer to one friend in particular, then someone was left out. That happened for the last time in January. Samantha had had enough. She tried to fix it, went to the resource counsellor, did what she could. The third friend (lets call her Susie) in their trio was feeling pulled in all directions too and could barely cope. She leaned more toward Amy... Samantha decided it was time to call it quits. Enough was enough. She started making new friends, and doing different things. Eventually Susie started to also see the bad and the good and decided she too had enough of being hurt. So now Amy has gravitated toward a whole different group of people. She has quit the choir she loved, dance club and alienated anyone from the old clique. This has opened doors for Samantha. She is still enjoying choir, joined the dance club and still has the new friends she made. Her and Susie no longer have a love hate relationship and seem to be better friends to each other. I haven't seen Amy in ages and I wonder how she is. She is the kind of kid who has missed more school for sick days then I can count and I really don't think she's been all that sick. I wonder now where she will end up. Honestly there is more I could say. I think Amy is going to miss out. I hear the friends she hangs with now are the tough crowd. Hopefully she will find her way. I used to get so angry at her behaviour. Now I kind of feel sorry for her. Oh she's probably fine, but it sure makes you think...

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

On Wednesday night I'm standing in line at Extra Foods, I have one thing to buy. Bag of buns. Lady in front of me lets call her "kind lady" has quite a few. Lady in front of her is just trying to ring through, pack up and get out. Lets call her "rushed lady". Lady in front of her... is standing at the end of the aisle already done holding her bags - lets call her "bag lady"

Rushed to Bag - I haven't seen you in so long this is great! Oh and I hear you had another baby! Congratulations!
Bag Lady - ya, I hate him
(me and Kind lady immediately look over to see if that was some kind of joke, bag lady - is not laughing)
Rushed - (uncomfortably) giggles, says yes, it must be a lot of work with 2
Kind Lady to me - I can't believe she said that!
Me - I'm kind of stunned, I hope it was a joke
we go back to eavesdropping
Rushed - so much work, crying, angry, feeding, not sleeping I can't stand it
Meanwhile Kind lady is set to pay up now. She's so flustered she counts out money wrong and has to give an excuse about not feeling well. Her stuff is on the other side of the conveyor belt. Rushed is still standing there trying to bag her groceries, enter Bag lady's phone number in her phone and just get the heck out of there. Bag lady just stands there like a total dork, whining about said kids and blocking the aisle. Kind lady goes round the other side and continues to bag her stuff. I take my buns, pay and start to leave. I lean over to kind lady

Me - I hope you feel better soon
Kind lady - oh, thank you and (BIG smile on her face) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU
Me - (BIG smile on my face) Happy Mother's Day to you too!
Rushed lady - stunned silence
Bag lady - dirty look on sullen face

Happy Mother's Day...

Saturday, May 03, 2008


7:00am I'm having breakfast. In 2.5 hours I will run 10km at the Physio Fit. Normally if I run saturday morning I don't eat first. Best time for me to exercise is on an empty stomach. BUT with race jitters etc. I need something that will still be in my body.

I know 2.5 hours is an ok window. I've been snacking significantly at work between 3 & 4 on evenings that I want to run, then supper later. So far so good - no reactions. Still makes me so nervous. Can't live in a bubble. I'm only eating things that have been completely safe for me to date. So this morning it is an orange and banana smoothie, turkey bacon and a piece of rye toast. 3 food groups - good girl. Maybe a bran bar yet to be satisfied. Sounds like a lot of food... but if I don't pack it in there my race jjtters will have me on absolutely empty.