Friday, May 15, 2009

I like to think i'm a good driver

Honestly though I do get a little excited about other people's driving. Today TWO things stand out.

The first one had me seeing RED. I pull up to a light and something catches my eye. Looks like 3 people are sitting across the front in this vehicle beside me. Weird... oh wait, I look behind me its a van! There are not 3 seats in the front of a van - ever. There was a little boy standing in between the seats - just hanging out, he was smiling and laughing. His dad even grabbed him up and gave him a hug - how nice... NOT. Both ADULTS were wearing seat belts but this kid was just standing around. I stared at the passenger side, but SHE would NOT look at me. finally caught the dad's eye and mouthed CAR SEAT, he just looked away, turned his turn signal on and drove round the corner. I seriously tried to get their license plate but to no avail. I got a headache the rest of the way home. I was so mad!!!

Second, I drove home on Portage, past the city the speed limit is 70. No one speeds cause there's always cops. Today everyone was going 80+. Must be the long weekend. I'm glad I'm home safe now.

That's all, I'm done now.

Friday, May 01, 2009

time is passing?

It just keeps moving...I guess that's a good thing.

Last weekend I watched my nephew's for 4 days. Bro & Jo went to VEGAS BABY for her 40th. What a hoot. I wanted to be there so badly too!! But I had plans, oh ya! The boys were great. They were very well behaved and you know, kids say the darndest things! When I asked BigL what happened to his knee after school Friday (he was sporting two very nice band-aids), he says "well apparently I fell down" LOL. He uses apparently a lot, sometimes in the right context, sometimes its almost... :). Little L had me in stitches Friday morning when he was sitting on my lap first thing after waking up:

Me - Do you have to go pee L?
L - No
L - boy, my penis is big
me - really? do you have to go pee now?
L - no
gets down off my lap, starts to play...
L - oh I sure have to go now!
he heads for the bathroom, so I tell him he can do that while i get dressed...
L - oh that's ok Aunti M, I don't need my privacy...

I was barely able to contain myself!! It was priceless!

All too soon these little boys will be big boys!! I had so much fun last weekend. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Maybe not every weekend, but definitely do it again. :)

I ran into my old daycare worker today at superstore. It was SO good to see her and her husband. They took better care of my girls than I did some days!! D is the kind of lady you just want to hug (and I did). She nurtured and cared for my girls like they were own. What a blessing she was. So anyway it turns out they are getting a son-in-law next year and a grandchild this year... how is THAT for time passing... I keep thinking of her oldest, just 4 years older than Mandy walking both girls to school way back when. Now she will be a mama... wow...