Friday, December 19, 2008

Photo Op?

You know, I am not a photographer. I mean every once in a while all the stars align and I take a pretty good shot. Unfortunately though its not consistent and I’m usually in such a hurry that composition is out the window. A few years ago I got MAJORLY ticked with LifeTouch – the school picture monopoly company in our province. I mean how many pictures do they take every day!?! Why then could they not take a picture of my lovely daughter in her stunning glasses without getting a starburst flashback on the glass not once, not twice, but three times!!! So after the initial picture, the retake and 2 visits to the LifeTouch office I finally had a good picture. Problem was every year I gave photo’s to all the grandparents of the girls at Christmas, sent them out with cards, that kind of thing. That year I had to wait till January. I wrote a letter, I got my money back and my pictures. As I said, I was ticked. I vowed never to do the school pictures again. I could take my own photos, pay a bunch less and get them printed in a jiffy at my grocery store of choice. It’s worked out pretty good. This year I have a great photo of Mandy, great one of Samantha got 5x7’s made at Costco, wallet sizes at SuperStore. I’m set, Christmas is next week and all is well – right? WRONG!!

Samantha hates her photo. It looked fine on the camera display, she hates it blown up… I tried to rush through retakes this morning, but that didn’t quite work out. Maybe Mandy will have a photo shoot with her after school. If I’m lucky and the stars are in alignment I’ll send off more pics to Costco/Superstore tonight and Christmas pictures will be mine!! I think its time to let LifeTouch have another go at it. They are the professionals after all.

Monday, December 01, 2008

do you like surprises??

My husband sneaks up on me I flip out! If my kids don't give me a hello how are you? before launching into a verbal tornado detailing what they want and I can't help but say no to whatever they are asking. Surprises tend to knock me right off balance.

On Friday, Nov 21 I was stressing over Mandy's imminent birthday when DH called from downstairs wondering what I was doing - i turned the corner out of the bedroom and there standing in my upstairs hallway was my 2 favorite speedy creek kids!! (i.e. Swift Current). Their mom was out walking the little white dog before coming in!! What a night!! Mandy was working and the kids went to go pick her up. We're still fighting over who screamed louder when she/me saw the kids. After that DH took Charlie to pick up Samantha - again, surprise extraordinaire.

That was the best surprise I've ever had! I was so off balance I thought I should clean up my kitchen before sitting down to visit. Then it hit me, the mess would still be there later, my friends were only staying for a few hours. Leaving the mess alone was definitely the right choice.

They can surprise me anytime.