Friday, September 30, 2011

wow - facebook rage

I am seriously watching a conversation between 3 teenagers implode before me. Thank goodness none of them are mine. More f-bombs being dropped then you hear at a truck stop. I would love to say something, but i'm sure I'd get "un" friended in a heart beat. What's a mother/friend to do??? I feel like texting Samantha so she can facebook her friend, but then she'll know I'm watching too. There are some things that mothers just shouldn't be privy to. Or are there??? Just imagine that 10 years ago, or maybe less, this raging battle never would have happened. Because people have the open forum the gloves are off. Wow. I am just amazed at the pure rage I am seeing.

I really wanted to post something on my status, but... well then this teenager would see that too. Amazing thing is I know she is off at a private school. She is likely in study period right now. Yet she has this easy access to social media. All from her phone I'm sure. Would make me want to ban phones at the school, or shut down the service. This is an aspect to connectivity I've never thought about before. Sure kids could skype their mom & dad to whenever they missed them, but also get into severe trouble on the net, with no one the wiser. I hate watching this, but can't look away. What do I do??

Its the rage that I really worry about. Where does it end up? What's the outlet besides facebook?