Sunday, April 29, 2007

excited and a little bit scared!

We've moved into our new space. I'm just a little uneasy. We finished packing all the boxes Friday and the movers took them on the weekend. TOmorrow morning I'll walk into the new space - walls of boxes, unpacking to be done, notices to get out and regular work to be done too. On top of all that - closing legal docs for a transaction we did - somehow it falls to me to get all the necessary signatures, oh wait that's my job, but wait again, nobody told me this was all going to happen the same time we moved. I could have gone in this weekend and unpacked - I just did not feel like it. Would it have made tomorrow easier? You bet. Well suck it up - I'll have to be on my toes tomorrow, and that's just the way it is.

Had I gone in this weekend I would have missed a lot of important things (relative to me...) We were able to attend Uncle B's father-in-law's funeral. I'm glad we were there. I chauffered the kids around a lot, had friends over Saturday night (very fun), went to church Sunday morning, took the kids shopping Sunday afternoon and went to church again in the pm for the ordination of one of our ministers - do we call her "reverand" now? As you can see its been a busy weekend. I'm very excited about tomorrow, but pretty apprehensive too.

I've checked my email a few times over the weekend, I guess I shouldn't do that unless I want to deal with stuff, but it is nice to have the heads up. I'm finding as I get older, that I'm not crazy about surprises. Especially at work. I like knowing what I'm walking into.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Writers Block

Well it seems that I have writers block. Or maybe it is a mental block. For some reason the incredibly witty, intelligent thoughts i Have in my head just don't make it to the computer. I pace myself on the treadmill thinking of the thoughts that I will pour onto paper (or keyboard) but then by the time I get to a computer the thoughts are gone... Its as if just by lining everything up in my brain, my work is done. I've already written the blog in my head, why key it in? Oh right, the comments, affirmation - good times reading others blogs... I've barely been on line from home at all. DH and kids really monopolize this thing - whatever, it keeps them busy. I wondered if I'd even remember my password...

The snow is almost gone. Now if the weather would smarten up I'd like to look forward to the UV rating instead of the windchill!!

GUESS WHAT - I do believe we will get our passports next week. I've been waiting since January 13 (when I mailed them - dumb me, really should have stood in line! Didn't know I could drop of DH's with mine!!) So its been 10 weeks, I think we might have a weekend picked to go to Vegas, only issue is it might be Mother's Day weekend. Guess we'll see.

Our speedskating group is getting geared up to skate. Some are going out today. I'm looking forward to an injury free, fun year!! I imagine first race of the season will be May physio fit. I'd like to sign up to run the 10km instead of skate. The park is just too full of potholes for me to feel comfortable. Running, at least I have a chance to stay upright!

Ok, these thoughts were not all that witty, or particularly intelligent, but here they are. Its been a busy month, we're all healthy and it would seem life is good. I worry about certain things or people, but try to keep it brief. Worrying takes too much energy. I believe the glass will stay half full.