Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why is it...

Why is it that when I have a conversation with Mandy about money it always turns on me? I'm trying to gently guide her into the fact that she should be thinking about spending her own money and not always expect me/us to anti up.

Is that wrong? Is it to soon? She has more money in the bank then I do. She already thinks she's incredibly hard done because she's going to be paying for her own university. Does that make us scrooges??? I don't think so. At least I get to the point where I don't think so. Then we have an oh so brief conversation and suddenly I feel like crap again.

She asked if she could get a hair cut. I said sure... are you asking me to pay for it? Well ya... you always pay for stuff like that. She said she's not working right now. So I made her a deal. I'll pay for it and if she gets a job in the next 3 weeks, she pays me back. Is that wrong??? I am not a cruel person. I'm just trying to guide her toward independence and making her own decisions. She shouldn't have to ask me if she can get a hair cut. She's graduating high school and starting University. Don't kids doing that make their own decisions???

Right now I'm feeling so badly about this. I'd really like to talk to her some more, but she's done talking. I can imagine that now she is worrying about money. Worrying that if she spends it, she won't have it. She is a very frugal person. I told her its not like we're going to kick her out at 18, just that I want her to start thinking about stuff like this. I would like to get into her head. Against my better judgement, I just might try talking to her again.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

still have to pack...

This day has gotten away from me. I guess that's what happens when you stay up ALL night. Usually DH and i can't even stay up till midnight on a weekend.

Last night saw us out and about till 5:00am! Party you say? No, no - not us. We were out being extra's in a film called "Faces in the Crowd" staring Mila Jahovic (sp?) and Julian McMahon (again - SP? - Nip Tuck dude). We all got very close to them. By all I mean dh, I and the other 43 skaters enlisted to be the In-line training group thwarting said stars from crossing the street. What a hoot. Except for the very sore feet from standing around in boots and the 3 times I found myself plopped on my kiester when my legs just didn't want to support me anymore. LOL. Still much fun and a cheque to boot coming in a few weeks.

In the morning we are all leaving for Fargo. Girls too. Mandy's done school, but Samantha will miss a day. Cool... Tim is running his first full marathon and we will be there in full force to watch him come across the line on his birthday. I'm doing the 10km and have hopes of coming in at around 60minutes (cross your fingers).

That's all for now. Must pack...